nDEX Network main-net transformation completed

nDEX Network community, we have successfully migrated to NXT powered blockchain 3.0 standard. We have forked #NXT blockchain at 2020–02–04 01:14:25 +0600 at height 2764172.

Our initial NDX amount is changed. Now Total circulating NDX is 1b. 10% of NDX goes to 208k existing NXT holders. We have chosen NXT because of its usability and massive opportunities. We are now rolling our own chain.

The initial promises of NDX gone fade for some bad step in development process. Its our turning time. We hope we will turn our goal much better than ever and reach out desired destiny. Current NDX chain have much opportunities. Visit create account and explore those opportunities.

Rapid development is going on and many products are on pipeline.

First thing first, we have to swap out old ERC20 token to nDEX coin first. We will let you know time to time and regular basis what will be next step. We initiate a new telegram group for nDEX Network.
Please join: https://t.me/ndexnetwork
Keep an eye: https://twitter.com/NdexOfficial
Current pipeline works are:
1. Windows wallet installer
2. Linux wallet Installer
3. Linux Debian [.deb] distribution release our own PPA
4. Android wallet
5. Integration with Ethereum powered DEX and fiat gateway

We hope we will finish our pipeline task within next couple of days. Hope all mentioned outcome community will enjoy much and get a sharp rival from present situation.

Please join #Telegram group for more to know and get ready for swap.
Create your account from any one of below link;


For project update and and personal wallet please visit:

Download your wallet from release and explore vast opportunities.




A Blockchain Business Development Platform https://ndexnetwork.com

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nDEX Network

nDEX Network

A Blockchain Business Development Platform https://ndexnetwork.com

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