Money laundering reforms can help fight human trafficking

Nathan Proctor
Nov 2, 2017 · 1 min read

How can we ensure we foster a society and a world where people are not enslaved? Here another way: Go after the money.

It’s not a mystery why people exploit others in forced labor or sex work. They do it to make money. Take away that money and trafficking would stop. And you can help.

Congress is debating bipartisan bills right now that help end the use anonymous shell companies.

The Corporate Transparency Act would give law enforcement access to the true owner of a company making it much harder for a criminal network to set up a false front or launder profits from human trafficking and other crimes without getting caught. It’s being supported by a host of good government, anti-corruption and anti human trafficking groups.

You can help:

  • Call your member of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor the Corporate Transparency Act H. 3089 / S. 1717. You can look them up here.
  • Share our video to help get the word out.

A note on our sources:

Multiple estimates of the number of people currently enslaved in modern day slavery. The number we use is from the U.S. State Department. Some estimates put the number higher.

Two case studies about human traffickers using anonymous shell companies were drawn from The Great Rip Off by Global Witness. They can be read in full here.

In 2016, Polaris analyzed public information to identify human trafficking occurring in businesses fronting as massage parlors. You can download a copy of their factsheet here.

Nathan Proctor

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Running campaigns to advance a more sustainable economy that works for people. #RightToRepair advocate

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