From a win in the New York Senate, to a new bill in Congress: A roundup of news on Right to Repair

New York Senate Chambers, (Credit: JvL Creative Commons)

New York Senate passes Right to Repair

“Apple-authorized” vendor leaks intimate photos

(Photo credit: Niels Epting, Creative Commons)

Right to Repair continues at a rapid pace in 2021, as we now have 33 active bills in 21 state legislatures, while tractor repair takes center stage

(Photo credit: agriflanders via Wikimedia CC BY 2.0)

New report “Deere in the Headlights” put the focus on tractors

Buying a refurbished computer can save money and cut waste. It might also be a key strategy in addressing the digital divide

If the quarantine has inspired you to get rid of old stuff — including old devices you’ve been holding on to — finding avenues for reuse, then recycling, is a responsible way to move on.

If it works, reuse it

Right to Repair advocates continue to support hospitals’ ability to fix their equipment, and other campaign updates.

Medical Device Repair, Credit Gary Fansler, Association of Medical Device Service Organizations

Electronics recycler Eric Lungren is donating light towers to help hospitals treat patients in emergency triage facilities

(Photo credit: Big Battery)

As manufacturers block access to manuals and other fix-it information, biomedical repair technicians press for reform

Reeta Asmi, UC Davis

The federal government must show leadership, and coordinate hospital supplies such as masks and ventilators

Apple’s Eyes Studio, Shutterstock

People just want to be able to fix their own stuff

A January press conference in Albany to kick off the Right to Repair campaign for 2020. From left to Right: Russ Haven of NYPIRG, Sen. Neil Breslin (Senate sponsor), Gay Gordon-Byrne of, Assemblymember Donna Lupardo (Assembly sponsor), Jeff Williams of New York Farm Bureau.

Nathan Proctor

Running campaigns to advance a more sustainable economy that works for people. #RightToRepair advocate

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