Hand rolling authentication these days is best left to, well, no one. This blog post is going to explore how to accomplish email verification using Auth0 without using a custom database connection.

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If you are not familiar with Auth0, the service provides its users with the ability to use custom database connections that communicate directly with a database you control to authenticate, create, verify and change the password of the users of your application. …

Webhookrelay.io is a turnkey SaaS platform for relaying webhook data from one endpoint to multiple data repositories. In this example we are going to explore one use case for the Webhookrelay.io Fanout service, and how it can help you manage and control your data.

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Webhookrelay.io is an affordable, easy to use solution for firms that need to make decisions about where to point their webhook data from data producers that only supply a single webhook end-point. Take Sendgrid as an example. The ESP provides a real-time data webhook for email deliverability events — the pay load looks something like this:

"email": "<omitted>@gmail.com", …

Nicholas Martinez

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