N.Fans NFTs Sell At Lightning Speeds

NFTs are no stranger to being the subject of a craze; from collectible cards to literal JPGs of a rock that are going for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in ETH, the multi-billion dollar emerging market never fails to make daily headlines.

Kicking off its journey of setting records and making headlines, N.Fans managed to sell over 7000 NFTs within a single minute of their launch! While there may be several cases of NFTs selling for ludicrous amounts of money, to sell such volumes in such a small fraction of time is a very rare and impressive feat.

The Story

7,997 Naruto NFT blind boxes were planned to be released on iBox on August the 11th of this year, and the moment they were made available for sale, the virtual shelves were emptied in a single minute — that is roughly 133 NFTs per second!

The Implications

Such feats are very impressive for major, established NFT groups, let alone for a new and emerging platform. This event demonstrates the capabilities of N.Fans as a platform to produce and deliver a successful product of such a degree.

It also outlines the high demand for such goods. A name like Naruto certainly cannot be overlooked, as it is a classic that has millions of fans all around the world — however poor implementations and executions of products and events are an integral second-half of the process, and that can’t be overlooked either.

Looking Forward

While fans who were a mere minute away from the sale’s start would have found themselves half disappointed and half shocked, the good news is there are plenty of NFT blind boxes ahead.

In fact, N.Fans is preparing for another round of collectibles, this time on Binance. The event taking place this Thursday, September the 2nd, will be featuring limited-edition 3D NFTs of Heian Shenshi; and if the last event was any indication, fans should be well prepared for this one, especially considering the massive size of Binance as a platform.

What Is N.Fans?

N.Fans is a blockchain-based NFT art and entertainment aggregation trading platform. Gathering digital art, movies, anime, games and other content, the platform uses smart contract technology to build copyrights that integrate IP, products and digital rights.

N.Fans realizes the non-homogeneous tokenization of popular entertainment, trends and subcultures, helping circulate NFTs and strengthening fans’ rights, and in so doing building a truly global platform for value exchange.

Website: http://n-fans.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/NFansOnline

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/N_Fans/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFans_official



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