I was explaining my work in agriculture to my kids the other day. I pointed to our fish tank and asked, “What would happen if we never cleaned the fish poop out of the tank? It would become fertilizer for algae, which would take over the tank, and the fish would die.” My kids looked at me wide-eyed, alarmed. Something similar is happening on Earth today: fertilizer practices in agriculture are leading to life-altering chemical changes to our planet. The good news is that there are now data-science-driven digital tools that can help reduce the loss of fertilizer into the environment by increasing fertilizer use efficiency. However, after spending 10 years implementing these tools, it has been more challenging than I anticipated because of what I call “the fertilizer paradox”: the agrochemical industry, which is most capable of building and implementing these solutions, is not financially incentivized to get them adopted. …


Nick Koshnick

Technologist and Entrepreneur working on the next big thing. #DataScience backed decision making tools.

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