Contribute Instead of Criticize

I once had a friend who could convince me the world was going to pieces just by the way he said hello. He only saw the down side of up and often wondered why he couldn’t find his path in life.

Whenever I’d suggest he be more positive he’d tell me, “I’m just being realistic.”

Over time, I didn’t like the way I felt about myself when I was around him. I strayed far from my core values in an attempt to placate him and even talked badly about people I loved.

In time, I had to limit our association.

The truth is it’s easy to criticize. Social media has made it almost trendy to hide behind an anonymous screen name and hurl insults at people who have the courage to try things they don’t.

Those who have taken the high road understand we can contribute in 3 meaningful ways:

1. Getting involved.

2. Praising others.

3. Raising our consciousness

If you’re not contributing more than you’re criticizing your credibility starts to erode.

What we need more of is value, compassion, and far greater vulnerability.