Nobody is trying to take anything away from transwomen.
Ironically, your entire point seems to validate what she says.
Keka Araújo

I wish this were so. I wish our rights were not constantly under attack. I wish laws were not currently being debated and passed limiting our basic rights.

To your other point, I don’t disagree. Trans women do not have the same experiences as cis women. But believe it or not, if we are equating negative with negative (because life is not a zero sum game), there are as many negatives, if not more, for trans women. Stating this does not negate the negatives of the cis woman’s experience. Neither are acceptable nor is it acceptable to claim someone else’s experience invalid.

The original author claims that her problem with trans women is the questionable issue that they are trying to bring penises into cis women’s spaces and uses that as a jumping off point to negate our identity as women. That is what is happening here.

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