This is how to take a proper measurement.

My Trans History with Bras

When I was a little kid, I tried on my mother’s bra like all little kids do and they were quite big on me. When I was a teenager, I snuck into my dad’s closet and wore his girlfriends’ bras when he was staying over with them. They grew ever smaller on me (at least in the band size…the cups still required some filling). Over the years prior to transitioning, I found myself in a variety of bras, but never ones that fit me in any sense of a bra fitting.

Sometime around 9 months into hrt, I went to Victoria’s Secret and was fitted professionally for the first time. The lovely woman who measured me advised that I was a 42C, but would be fine in a 38B with an extender. She sold me a couple of Body by Victoria push-up bras, which added padding where I needed padding at the time and gave me a lot of confidence. They also taught me a lesson about straps, namely they like to fall down a lot. So I bought a little device called a “Bra Barrette” that did wonderful work over many years keeping the straps from slipping.

Sometime after my GRS, I went to a little store in Scottsdale for a professional fitting and purchased a bra and an insert (my breasts, as many other women, are not identical). While it fit well enough with the insert, it was less flattering than the VS bras, so I stayed with those for many more years.

In the meantime, with the addition of progesterone after my GRS, my breasts continued to develop. What I did not realize was that the now undersized cups and associated padding were not allowing my breasts to develop properly and more than a bit of the tissue was being pushed to the sides during that time.

Flash forward to a few months ago and the VS bras were in need of replacing, but rather than spend the money, I dug through my drawers and found the bra I purchased years ago in Scottsdale and discovered it fit me much better. It was an honest 42C and I no longer needed the Bra Barrette. I was so pleased with it, I went to Macy’s and bought another in that size that also fit well and was flattering.

And then a funny thing happened once I stopped wearing the push-ups. Over the last few months, the breast tissue that had been pushed up started migrating down to where it was intended and I noticed I was, after some 7.5 years of hrt, getting bigger. I also noticed the 42c bra was no longer fitting comfortably, but actually felt a bit snug. I also noticed my breasts were now “interfering” with movement in a way they had not done so before.

So I took new measurements (using the typical internet size calculators that advise wearing a bra whilst measuring) and the size recommended was 46G.


That couldn’t be correct. I had an idea of what a G cup is and I didn’t think I belonged in that club, at least not without some surgical help.

So, being me, I started researching and down the internet rabbit hole I fell, until I discovered a reddit forum devoted to finding properly sized bras. It seems that not all G cups are created equally. In case you don’t know, cup size is relative to band size, so one girls DD’s are another’s H or even B. They have a different bra calculator that takes five measurements and asks that you are not dressed whilst taking said measurements.

So I did as the instructions recommended and plugged in the numbers and the size recommended was 44FF in UK sizing, which is 44H in US.


While our cultural bias tends to have an idea as to what that should look like, I accept that what the numbers indicate are, in fact, the actual size (or close thereto) that I currently am. So I ordered a pair of 44FF bras this evening.

Update (6/5/17):

LOL! So the very large bras showed up last week and I knew even before trying them on that there was no way I was even close. However, I dutifully tried them on and was somewhat surprised that while the cups were a bit too roomy for me, they were not egregiously so.

That being said, I sent them back and ordered a 44D from Amazon (of the Playtex variety) which should be arriving tomorrow. If it does not fit, I will bite the proverbial bullet and seek out a professional for fitting.

Update (6/7/17):

Ok, so the 44D fits and I chose to keep it, even though I think the style might not suit the shape of my breasts. As one goes further and further down the rabbit hole, one discovers more and more information that only leads one to decide that everything is awful. There is a bra store that specializes in D and up sizes a mile or so from my work that other women rave about. I’m going to stop by there on Friday on my way home from work and see what they have to offer to this conversation. Perhaps I’ll devote an entirely new post to that experience…