People who transitioned later, while presenting as male, often had married women and had children. This complicated their lives enormously and living a closed narrative could be almost impossible in all too many cases.
Dear Natasha, I support you.
Virginia Hall

Which is part of my narrative. Actually, 1&2 are the closest to my story. I was saved much of #3 by my spouse, who helped me “get it right” as it were.

I take issue with the desire for normality because that assumes that normal has a specific definition. I see the pursuit of normal as the pursuit of anonymity or, more to the point, invisibility. People shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves in whatever form that takes and they shouldn’t strive to be like “everyone else” because that is a kind of insanity given that if “everyone else” is trying to do the same thing, then there are too many people who have no idea how to be or who to be.

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