It is often said that women are more particular with their skin and face than men, it’s so true but it doesn’t mean everything concerning skin or facial care are meant for women only. Men need them as well. Skin care is actually a very essential routine since men do not wear makeup. Here are a few tips to keep a mans face and skin glowing.

Shaving; For men with heavy beards , kinky or curly beard , razor bumps can be a big problem. The only way to solve this problem is a proper facial care.Try to wash your face with just water or a facial wash right after shaving to keep your face smooth.

Liquid Cleansers for Men; Most men prefer bar soaps to liquid cleansers. That’s fine as long as you have normal or oily skin. I usually recommend milk soaps for male clients who are obsessed with bar soaps and it also works the magic. Try using a liquid facial cleanser if your skin feels itchy after you wash your face.

For men with severe acne ; Acne is caused by excess oil production that clogs pores, causing inflammation.Look for soaps or liquid cleansers that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzyl peroxide. All three of these exfoliating agents remove the upper layers of dead skin and allow for opening and deeper cleaning of pores. 

 Moisturizers for Men ; The easiest way to moisten your skin after washing it is to apply a moisturizer.For dry skin, choose a cream, which is the thickest formulation. For normal skin, you need a lotion, which is lighter and less oily. For oily skin, get yourself a skin toner or gel.

Try the facial masking . It brings out the excess oil from the face and keeps the face dry and smooth always.

Sunscreen ; keeping the sun rays away from your skin and face is very essential. Applying a little sunscreen product to your face and skin won’t do any harm but would rather protect your skin from sun damage . Another safer option is to use an umbrella when the sun is unbearably hot.

Finally, make sure you always test skin products before you apply them to the face or body to avoid allergies .Quickly get anti allergy creams or drugs when you suffer one. Remember, a healthy skin is a man’s pride and a handsome man is a confident man. Stay handsome!

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