What is passion?passion in my own words is the inner urge you have to do what you love to do. Failure is when you give up on everything you’ve worked so hard for. A couple of days ago, I almost gave up on what I loved to do.I was down and felt there was no need to continue.Reminiscing all the pains,the suffering , the disappointments I’ve been through,trying boost my self and revive my career, I thought ,”why don’t I just give up”?.but a still small voice said to me, you’ve worked so hard to get here.Remember someone or somebody out there may be looking up to you.If you give up on yourself, they give up too .Be the reason for someones success story.Be the reason someone still has hope.Be the reason someone smiles. Apparently, I had told my husband in a long text message my plans of quitting and letting my passion go down the drains.He spanked me so hard on the phone I could feel the anger with which he replied me.Knowing him as a go getter and one of the few inspiring people I look up to, I didn’t really expect any negativity from him.He didnt agree to it.He gave me so many reasons to bounce back again.I learnt alot that day and I decided to put this into a writeup to help others thinking or planning of giving up on anything you have so much love for. As humans, its sometimes normal that once in a while we let our emotions eat us up so bad that the only option you are left with is to fall.That is when FAILURE sets in.Failure is always at the corner waiting for you to join the train.The big question is ARE YOU READY to be pointed by people as the one who started and couldn’t finish? Are you ready to see someone else do the same thing you gave away even better? Whenever you feel like letting go of your dreams, think through.speak to your inner self and you’ll have a positive voice telling you “dont give up yet ,Change is coming, a miracle is on its way”.keep pushing .Keep dreaming.push hard till you become a competition to others in your field.Move! If possible run!when you fall rise! Successful people fall everytime.but what makes them succesful is the ability to make an attempt to rise and keep running. Success and passion come hand in hand. FAILURE is on its own and shouldn’t be tolerated by any business-minded or passion-drunk person.Don’t be in between Passion and failure.Choose passion even if it hurts, even if it doesnt earn you anything .Do not stumble to failure for failure has never built an empire, success(passion) has!

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