Parting Letter

I know it is much too late now. I never said this to you when you were with me. It is only now that you are gone that I realise how important you were to me. So many plans, hopes and dreams, all shattered by a few minutes of madness.

I still remember the first time I saw you. It felt magical. There was so much beauty in you. Like a work of art . I knew you were special. But it still hadn’t prepared me for the moment.

Time flew when I had you in my hands. There seemed to be nothing you couldn’t do. If ever I was bored or needed a break it was you I turned to. You welcomed me with open arms and gave me an amazing time.

You made sure I knew everything I needed to about the world and all my friends. Keeping track of my likes and dislikes gave you much joy it seemed. You showed me everything in all its splendor in your beautiful face. It was surreal. You woke me up when I asked you to. Kept me up when I needed you to. You were my bridge to the world outside. I thanked my lucky stars for you.

Your eyes captured the world in all its splendor. Sometimes making me wonder if everything really was this beautiful. Seeing the world through you was lovely. The world was a much brighter place in your eyes. You kept my cherished memories safe for me.

I remember that fateful day. It’s hardly been a week. They took you away from me and I didn’t know of it until it was too late. I don’t know who did it. We had four months together. Those were truly special. I wanted to have you with me for as eternity. But I failed to keep you safe and I was punished . I really hope you find a home where you would be safe. I consider myself lucky to have gotten at least this much time together.

My lovely phone, you were stolen on a bus. I doubt I am ever going to see you again. So these are my parting words to you. I know you won’t get this. But I write that the world knows how great you were.

DISCLAIMER: No, I have not gone crazy and written a letter to my phone. My phone was stolen a week back and it has been a bad experience as I am sure many of you would have experienced yourselves (phones getting lost is all too common these days). So just trying something new in this piece, a tribute of sorts.

What did you think I was talking about though ? Let me know in the comments ;)

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