Watch your (my) words
Alexander Yamakashi

Alexander Yamakashi, first off respect for speaking your mind and being straightforward. It takes a lot of courage to speak your mind, even when you know someone is doing or has done something wrong.

Our actions may have resulted in agony to others, but they were taken in the interest of the greater good and that is what matters.

I have made a lot of mistakes, one of them is not speaking my mind. Not speaking my mind about various things for various reasons. But in the end, that is what they are, reasons. We just need to find a reason to speak up and not keep things to ourselves, whether at the work place or at home. Communication always fosters good relationships. For what you have done, you are awesome!

I am happy and proud to have you as a friend, maybe we just met once a few years back but the bond we have lasts longer and it means more. Thank you for that and for a great read! :)

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