First week in Thailand
Caterina Kostoula

I am sure the Lizard bit from Planet Earth 2 was an exaggeration!

While you folks are in Thailand for the sabbatical, I think that you should make some time and head down to India.

Here are 5 reasons why —

  1. India is not a book or an article on the internet, it is an experience that needs to be felt, overwhelmed but you will not be overcome.
  2. The country is like a pocket of mini-countries with each state having it’s own culture, cuisine and language. So you’ve not “really” been to India unless you’ve seen all the states.
  3. India is also the good food and Yoga capital of the world. (you may debate with me on this but you get my point)
  4. The country is ancient! You will be able to find an experience all kinds of things here.
  5. The great people, and obviously the Himalayas. Trekking there is an absolute delight. (I’m not just saying that, I’ve been doing a Himalayan Trek every year since 2012.)

I am on a gap year myself; I think that everyone should do something like this at multiple times during their life. I am eager to know how it is to do this as a family. Safe to say that I will be an ardent follower of your posts. Thank you for a great read and documenting your journey, Caterina Kostoula.


Naga Subramanya B B

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