And that’s why I still find myself somewhat torn as to what direction to take.
All in with Medium?
Sam Radford

Let me give you my 2 cents Sam. I love your thoughts on how it is so awesome to have a space of your own. The fact that it is yours itself means a lot and nothing can come close to matching it. However, the quality of the network and the ability to drive traffic to good articles is what you can get out of Medium. In my mind, it is like a micro world wide web of content. Where great content is chosen or “recommended” by people and that starts a positive chain of reactions. The best part? It could lead to anything. The possibilities are limitless.

How do you get the best of both worlds? Write stories both in your site as well as here. Insert a section below each article where you say, “This post was originally on my site and if you’re interested, please sign up for my newsletter blah blah blah…”

So this way, you’re getting the most out of your connections here and driving traffic to your website.

Hope this helps! :)

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