Designing for a world without water
Will Carey

This article is so frigging cool! I keep saying this but articles like these make Medium worth paying for!

As a future nut and someone who cares deeply about water conservation, I never really thought about maybe more efficiently harvesting water from our surroundings like the beetle or the redwood (Having known about the beetle already by the way, but the idea hadn’t come to me). But it connects to another believe being —

“ If you have a problem, see how nature solves it.”

Will Carey thank you for taking the time and effort to not only design something so radical but also sharing all of the amazing details with such great depth for others to learn from and replicate.

Open sourcing and having a community of people like you will go a long way in undoing or even reversing the damage that has already been caused to this planet. (Thank you for that, again)

Coming back to my point about water conservation, I’ve been taking cold water baths in an effort to : eat the frog so to speak and mirroring something a little less extreme than what Mr. Tony Robbins does. (He does a daily ice dip) my average shower time has reduced by almost 60% and I’m sure that much or more water has been saved. So maybe if more people did it, we’d be conserving water? (PS —Do try this at your own risk and considering the weather around you and your personal threshold for cold.) I’m interested to know what you think of it. ☺



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