Who made you?

The importance of gratitude and staying grounded.

Hey there! This is Week 5 of my blog series where I keep myself accountable by keeping an online journal of sorts. You can read the beginning of this story — Why I quit my job to study, volunteer and travel.

You are fire. Think about who lit the spark? Who is the fuel?

Me? Of course, no one made me. I came here and became a Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary, a Commerce Graduate and until a few weeks back made pretty good money at a Fortune 500 company as a Financial Analyst all by myself and my hard work. NO. Sorry, that is NOT the truth.

I may have worked hard, impressed the right people, grabbed opportunities as and when they came by way but I am not SO arrogant that I do not recognize that there are a plethora of factors that have facilitated by journey to where I am today.

We all have a “runa” or a debt we owe for being here. Here are what I recall as part of a conversation with a close friend who had spent a few years volunteering when I told him I am taking a few months off to volunteer as a way to find myself —

  1. The workers who helped build the house I live in, the road, bridge, railway I use. .(Didn’t think about them did you?)
  2. My parents for giving up so much of their lives to help my reach where I am. (This post is not going to suffice if I start listing down what all they have done for me, story for another day. I promise)
  3. Mentors, leaders and role models. From learning how to lead and manage teams to giving us reasons not to give up, I would be nowhere without their guidance and support.
  4. The generations of scientists who’s work we are taking for granted like Advancements in Medicine, Electricity, Telephone, Internet, Medium, Mobile Phones, e-Mail… The list goes on and on.
  5. A fairly stable government that provides us with basic utilities like Internet, Water and Electricity.
  6. Organizations like the one I used to work for before; for giving people like me an opportunity to expand their world view.
  7. Friends and girl / boy friends without who’s support our emotions would be a hot mess.
  8. Musicians who’s work I have always relied on when I study…

When you try and come up with a list like the above, you may not have gotten in the details as much as I did but you have to. It gives us a really important perspective of the things that are right in our lives.

In his TED talk, Drew Dudley speaks about everyday leadership and why we should all feel entitled to call ourselves leaders. One of things he speaks about that was a huge realization or takeaway when he asked the following questions —

  • How many of us has had a lollipop moment, a moment where someone did something or said something and that has made our life better?(I know I have had some)
  • How many of us have thanked that person?(You didn’t? Well, now is your chance. Don’t know what to say, copy Drew below! ;) )
“You have been an extremely important person in my life and I am going to miss you, Thank you.” — Drew Dudley

Extremely fundamental stuff right? But it is absolutely crazy the way it hits you. But I realised that I hadn’t thanked these people, and I did. It was a fantastic feeling. I encourage you to thank all the people who have made a small amount of positive impact in your life. Trust me, the feeling is fantastic. Ask them to do the same thing. Make sure they pay it forward.

Be grateful for the little things. Having all your fingers, senses, ability to walk. Small things, but things that you would not give up for the world. That’s what matters the most.

When we focus more on the positive, it creates a feedback loop of good feelings. If we focus on the negative, it will create a stairway to hell that you will struggle to get out of. The next thought that comes to your mind, think about this and decide which path you wish to take.

Once again, thank you for contributing positively in my life. I appreciate it.

What all did I do this week? Here is the list —

  • Continued studying, now at 6.5 hours. (Yup, 30 minutes improvement)
  • Continued Mixed Martial Arts Classes (Missed today’s class because of the movie :D )
  • Finished my first assignment with Sfera, crazy amount of learning. (Money earned, $30 in case you were wondering. It is a start.)
  • Saw The Man who Knew Infinity, it is a fantastic movie!!
  • Learnt how to pay Abba — I have a dream on my acoustic guitar. (I learn online at Andy Guitar. Love the guy!)
  • Had a Mango or Mango Milkshake everyday!! One of the few things I like about blisteringly hot summers.
  • Confirmed admission to Basic Mountaineering Course for a month in Sonamarg, Kashmir during August 2016 !! (Interested, visit the Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering’s website)

That was this week you guys! Happy Weekend! :)

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