Why put yourself through this?

The reason I worked out for 2 hours a day, learning to fight. (6 days a week)

Hey there! This is Week 15 of my blog series where I keep myself accountable by keeping an online journal of sorts. You can read the beginning of this story — Why I quit my job to study, volunteer and travel.

Got to admit, for someone who’s never got into a physical confrontation with anyone his entire life I love sparring. I just can’t get enough of it. Be it boxing or wrestling, I thoroughly enjoy the fight. Being on your toes (both literally and metaphorically), thinking a few steps ahead of your opponent, taking a beating (yes that’s an important part, one that I enjoy) or getting strangled till you submit, the entire process is absolutely magic. There’s no better phrase to describe the feeling, the rush!

My favorite part about the fight is not just how brutal it gets or how many of my bones barely made it. It is the fact that you have to continually monitor and respect your opponent, learn from him and in the process make sure you both get better. You continually make sure that while you’re winning the game, you’re not crippling the fellow and in the simultaneously correcting his posture, stance and strikes. A balance is achieved, Jab Jab Cross… HOOK! Then you tell your opponent how he can get better or where he missed his move.

I’ve been going through this routine for about 3 months and there hasn’t been a day when I’m excited to leave for MMA. It’s always.. Do I have to? Should I go today? What’s the big deal? But for all of the days, I have been grateful by the end of the session that I made it. If class started at 7 30, the uncertainty would stem from 6 45. I got around it by telling myself that this is not a decision — To go or not to go. It has already been decided and I go, end of story. 2 hours a day for 6 days a week is tough, but worth it!

Next week is going to be my last week at Genesis MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and I’m going to miss it terribly. From amazing teachers to the strongest sparring partners who pushed me beyond my limits and my comfort zone. It’s safe to say progress has been made.

I like connecting the dots, here’s my attempt at trying to connect what all I learnt at MMA to life and business.

  1. Learn from your competition and become better. They’re not your enemies, but the ones who push you to greatness.
  2. It’s almost never about strength and always about technique and ability. The bigger they are, the harder the fall!
  3. Balance is required when going in for the offence, both in boxing and life!
  4. It’s easier to learn from a tough opponent than to let your game suffer when you face a weaker when.
  5. It’s always about respect. Before fighting our opponents, we must first respect them.
  6. It doesn’t matter how bad your situation is. There is always a way out. A defense to mount against the worst odds.
  7. Respect your opponent, your partner, your teacher and yourself. :)

Damn I’m going to miss this! But, the mountains and my exams await. Onward!!

If you want to make a positive change in your life, exercise.

Even better, fight!

How was this week? Quite the roller-coaster actually. I’m in the home stretch. My term in Mysore is about to come to an end with exams starting on July 18th.

Nah, I was just kiddin’. :P xD

  • Had a lovely family dinner today ❤
  • Still struggling to reach the big 50 client number. God damn it!!
  • MMA 4 days a week as discussed. (For more about MMA, please read the post above!)
  • Continued studying for 8.67 hours a day. Now up from 6 days a week to 7 days a week.
  • Reached Level 4 on PokemonGo!! xD

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