“Itch” — The Guy Brock Turner Will Probably Be
Stefanie Williams

You’ve written it so succinctly Stefanie, a couple of things particularly resounded with me and I wanted to mention them.

  1. We need to teach men to respect women. Not when they’re old 45 year old Itch. But when they’re 4 years old by the women in their lives like their mom, sister etc. The same goes for women too. I think getting them early will make a big impact.
  2. Women need to stop believing that it’s OK. That it was “just” a smack on the ass or “just” an inappropriate comment. We all know it’s never “just” that and the fact that the person will continue the inappropriate behaviour if an example has not been made out of them.

I think in the end it all comes down to respect and ego. The ego that I will do what I want and get away with it or the fact that, I don’t respect a woman. She’s only there to fulfill my desires and forgetting that she’s a person too. That needs to change. The world needs more women like you Stefanie Williams .

Thank you for a fantastic read.

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