Expanding Impact for Social Good

Introducing individual-to-organization transfers in a peer-to-peer payment app

Project Overview

As part of the User Experience Design Immersive, the objective of this group project was to integrate a new feature into the established structure of an existing product. The group consisted of 3 User Experience Designers.


We followed the “Double Diamond” project cycle. Starting with our original problem statement, we conducted research to explore the opportunities within the market place that Venmo operates in. Then we used the insights that we gathered to define who the current Venmo user is and the potential users that might find the option to donate through Venmo appealing. We tried out multiple options for how these new features might be incorporated into the existing app. Then we narrowed done those options to find the most optimum solution.


Competitive Research & Analysis

  • Online donors
  • Venmo users who donate online
  • 2 = Phone interviews
  • 10 = In-person interviews




Possible Task Flow

This is the final App Map with the task flow revisions incorporated.


We took the solutions that appealed to us from our sketches and used them as a starting point for our wire frames.

  • How this feature integrates into the existing user flow
  • Search for a nonprofit
  • View information about that organization
  • Make a donation

Next Steps

  • Additional user research:
  • Option to donate within Transfer to Bank process