Combining Gaming, Social Interaction &
Physical Fitness

An Apple Watch app that combines Nintendo’s most popular console games with the physical engagement of their Wii Fit U.

Project Overview

The Nintendo brand personality is known for being fun; their tagline is “Putting Smiles of the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches”. As part of the User Experience Design Immersive, our 2 person team focused our project on finding areas of opportunity for this iconic brand. We proposed expanding the gaming opportunities for existing Nintendo users to promote the characters and games to those who are not already existing fans.

Research Summary

Next Steps

  • More game theme options based on other Nintendo games
    (Such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and others)
  • More types of physical elements
    (Jumping, squats, shadow boxing, etc.)
  • Create the remaining screens & function for the Apple Watch app
    (Calendar, invite friends, solo player games)
  • Fully functional Mobile App
    (Research, define and design)