Affirmations to start the day

I am sure of myself

My mind is clear

My heart is open

My heart leads me today and everyday

Money wants to meet with me today

Money is drawn to me

Money loves being around me

I am blessed

I know what to do in each moment

My path is clear to me

I am guided by spirit

The great I AM lives within me

I am meeting the perfect people today

Today I show up as my best self

No matter what happens I know that all is well

I trust my intuition

My magic is potent

I am a strong magnet for good things

I am having fun

I am energized

I have everything I need

I am abundant

Today is an amazing day

I am beautiful

I attract wonderful opportunities

I am one with all things

I am walking along my path today

I am surrounded by loving and supportive people

My relationships nourish me

I am open and free to be my true self

I am honest

I know how to balance action and non action

I am in alignment with my personal truth

Love flows through me freely

I love unconditionally

I am in the right places at the right time

I am at peace

I am in alignment with divine timing

I allow myself to be used for the divine will of the cosmos

I magnetize the perfect opportunities for me

I have more than enough

I am supported in all ways

I have access to everything I need to live my best life

I am respected and appreciated for being exactly who I am

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