Falling into it Vs Rising in it

(Originally written May 2016)

In my last post I talked about my realization that teaching is my path here in this lifetime. One of the reasons I feel reluctant about teaching (even though I do realize I am naturally good at it and it is fun for me) is that there are so many ‘teachers’ in the spiritual community.

I’ve noticed there are people who based on their own personal journey and their accumulation of knowledge end up falling into becoming a teacher. These people have the knowledge and even the experience and naturally they end up sharing it. I get this. Walking a spiritual path is no joke and if you take it seriously it will begin to become your whole life. Because there are so many people starting to wake up at this time, they see those who started their journey before them and the information they are sharing and begin to seek from them.

This person who originally went on this path for his or her own personal development has ‘fallen’ into being a teacher. And of course there are those who choose to become teachers for malicious reasons. Can’t leave them out. lol.

On the other hand you have those people who the need to teach calls out to them. Even before they have the knowledge. Those people who have a pure heart based intention of helping others.

Is one path better than the other? Is one right and the other wrong? Should the person who feels a deep compulsion to be a teacher wait until they have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge before beginning to teach? Does being spiritually advanced automatically qualify you to be a teacher?

In my personal opinion, I do not believe everyone is meant to be a teacher. It just doesn’t make sense. If there is a group of 50 people, you really only need 1 or 2 people to be teachers. Its not practical or useful even to have 30 teachers in a group of 50 people.

This brings me to an inner dialogue I had the other day on skills vs talents vs gifts.

The ability to teach another a concept can be described under all three of these categories. The skill of teaching can of course be learned and developed through hard work and dedication just like any other vocation. But does the ability to learn how to teach make you fit or right to be a teacher?

I have noticed that the people who have developed the ability to teach are usually driven by their ego’s and in all honesty are not very good teachers at all. These people tend to believe in a level of elitism and that they are on a higher level than those that they are teaching. These people tend to use their knowledge to make those without that knowledge feel bad or lesser than. I’ve also noticed these people do not tend to have much experience to back up their teachings. They teach based on theory and don’t give much practical advice for the student to use.

I have noticed some people in this group don’t have a natural desire to teach. Like I said they just kind of fell into it because people around them noticed they had knowledge to share. I feel that these people really fall short in what they offer to others because they simply do not know how to translate what they have learned to others.

Teaching has become popular.

Then there is the talent of teaching. To me a talent is when one has a natural ability to preform a specific skill. Performing said skill comes with ease. However, with a talent there still needs to be a level of dedication to it. Someone with the talent of teaching means they brought that skill with them into this life already developed. They already know how to teach. And they probably subconsciously attract people who want to learn whatever it is that they know.

This individual may or may not even have the conscious desire to be a teacher. Which is a clear difference to me between those who are meant to be teachers and those who find themselves all of a sudden being a teacher. From my experience your path in this life is never loud and in your face. It is very quiet and can only be found once you go within and find out who you are.

Then there are those who have the gift of teaching. To me a gift is a talent that has a supernatural force behind it. Those who have a a gift of any vocation perform on such a high level that most people are just not able to reach. Those with gifts are here to showcase their God power, in my opinion. So what does it mean to have the gift of teaching rather than just the talent?

Should there be guidelines on who the teachers are? Or even levels to teachers perhaps?

Let me know how you feel, if you feel like sharing. Im interested in hearing other perspectives on this topic.



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