Spirit Guides

(Originally written November 2015)

In today’s newsletter I want to continue the discussion on spirit guides and getting help from the spiritual realm. Let’s start by defining what a spirit guide is. A spiritual guide is a being, entity, person, consciousness (or what ever you want to call it all of these words have the same meaning) who is not currently in a physical body and is not currently bound to the 3rd dimension/ Earth. We all have spirit guides and we all have access to them. Many people who are considered psychic or channelers receive their information and insight from their guides. Connecting with your spirit guides is a natural ability that we all have, it just takes practice to tune into them and of course the awareness that they exist.

The purpose of your spirt guide in your life is to help you along your journey. Your guides love you and want to see you achieve all of the things you are seeking after. Since your guides are not bound to a physical body they are able to access a higher level of knowing than we are. Spirit guides have a much stronger connection to God because they exist as energy which is what God is. Your spirit guide is able to connect directly with God and are aware of what God wants for you in your life.

Most people have 2–3 guides who are assigned to you at birth and stay with you your entire life. You will also have additional guides who will come into your life as you go through certain periods of life and then leave once you have passed through that phase. You can also have additional guides come to you when you are calling out for extra support. The reason we have these guides is because of the difference in vibration or density that exists between humans and God. God is pure light and because we live in a physical body we are extremely dense. Our density causes it to be very difficult for us to connect directly with God- not because God does not want to connect with us but because of the huge difference in our energy levels. This is why there are so many people who have a hard time finding that connection with God and why those who are considered to be ‘holy’ are only considered such after doing a great deal of personal work. These ‘holy’ people had to dedicate themselves to becoming lighter, to raising their vibration to be more similar energetically to God.

In order to help us fill that gap between us and God our spirit guides step in. Your guides have an energetic vibration that is lighter than ours, because they are not bound by a body, but it is much closer in resonance to ours while we are here on earth. While they are close to use in the level of energy that we hold, their lack of a body can make it difficult at first for us to acknowledge their presence. In our society we are taught that you have to see something in order to believe it. You have to have hard physical proof of something before you should consider it to be factual information. However when it comes to spirituality there are many things that simply cannot be given hard proof of before seeing the validity. With matters of the spirit you are called to believe in something that has no physical evidence to validate it or not. This is what faith is. You cannot see God, but you know God exists. You may not be able to see your guides but they do indeed exist.

Types of Spirit Guides

From my personal experience there are four types of spiritual guides: Angels, you ancestors/deceased relatives, members of your soul family and other spirits who are just interested in you and your development.


As discussed in detail in the previous newsletter, the Angels are always available to offer their support. We are all assigned at least one angel who remains with us our entire life (our guardian angel). We can also call upon any of the other angels at any time to invoke one of their characteristics in our personal lives, or for their assistance based on their expertise. The angels are limitless messengers of God and serve as a intermediary between us and God.


Our Ancestors are any one from our blood family who has passed on to the other side. Even though they are in spirit form, they still have all of the characteristics that they had during their life on earth. For example, one of my ancestors I work with is my grandma Ethel. She passed when my father was in his early twenties, so I never met her physically. My grandmother was an excellent cook and her cooking skills are definitely what she is remembered for most. I am also a good cook naturally. When I am needing help with a recipe that I have never cooked before I call upon my grandma Ethel for her assistance and my meals come out absolutely decadent every time. Thank you grandma Ethel! I love cooking with you.

Soul Family Members

The members of our soul family are those who we are grouped with on the spirit side. We are not family members in the sense that there is someone who is your mother, father, etc. With your soul family you all were born from the same being-The Source, or God. So there is no one who is greater or holds a higher status than the other. The people in your soul family will often incarnate at the same time as you in order to help you with whatever your mission is in that life time. Some of your soul family will agree to stay on the spirit side so that they can offer you guidance through your dreams, intuition and leave signs for you in order to help you that way. I think it is interesting to note that some one from your soul family could be playing the role of your mother in this lifetime, or they could be a close friends or even your worst enemy!

Others Who Are Interested in Your Development

I have also found that there are other beings who will step in as guides for you who do not fit into any of the other categories. These could be spirits who are not currently in a body, and are not a member of your soul family but want to see you accomplish whatever task you set out to accomplish this lifetime. Also there may be spirits who resonate with your frequency and are able to hear you when you call out for assistance, so they come forth mostly out of curiosity but also because they enjoy helping. One of the first guides I connected with is someone who fits into this category, her name is Mary. I believe that I had a very strong connection with Mary in one of my past lives so that is the reason why she was so willing to offer me assistance during this lifetime- even though we do not belong to the same soul family and she is not one of my ancestors.

How to connect with your guides

Connecting with your guides will be as easy or as difficult as you believe it should be. If you are not comfortable or feel weird or scared about the idea of speaking with spirits, you will have a harder time connecting with your guides. Like I said earlier the people who connect with their guides are often thought of as special or psychic but let me reassure you there is nothing special about them. We all have guides and we all have the ability to communicate with them!

Set the intention

The first thing you will need to do in order to welcome your guides into your life is set the intention. Setting an intention is easy peasy- you do it all the time whether you know it or not. To set an intention all you need to do is decide what you want to happen. For example, if you are wanting to connect with your guides simply decide that you want to connect with your guides. Thats it. You can write it down, say it out loud, etc but simply having the thought that you want to do it is enough.

Clear your mind/ Allow them in

Okay, so you have decided you want to connect with your guides, now what? Now you have to allow them to talk to you! Since your guides don’t have a physical body they can’t just walk up to you on the street and say “Hey Im Joe, your spirit guide.” They are spirits so they have to communicate with you in a more subtle, energetic way. This could be through a knowing of information, a thought that comes to you, hearing an actual voice with no body connected to it, seeing an image or having a feeling come over you.

The best way to allow your guides to start communicating with you is to spend time in meditation. Meditation allows you to clear your mind, to slow everything down. When you meditate your not being so resistant to those subtle energetic shifts. (If you want to learn more about meditation I have a video you can watch here)

Release any expectations

The final and most important step in connecting with your guides is to not have any expectations at all whatsoever. Don’t think oh when I talk to my guides it will be like this, or when I talk to my guides it will feel like this. Don’t expect for them to be a certain way, don’t expect for them to present themselves to you a certain way. Your guides are people you chose to help you in this life so know that they are the best ones for the job. Don’t give yourself a time limit on when you expect your guides to start communicating with you. Because most likely they are talking to you all day long- you just havn’t slowed your mind down enough to notice the small signs, the subtle indications.

Some of the blocks that I had when initially connecting to my guides were that I thought the only spirit I could receive assistance from was God and that God was a man. So whenever I connected with my guide it would be in the form of a man- then he eventually turned into fire which he told me was a better representation. Even though God is not a man, God presented itself to me in this way because it was the only understanding I had of receiving assistance from the spirit side. This belief prevented me from connecting with any of my female guides who I love so much and who I now work with more than my male guides.

Another block was that I thought I was supposed to hear actual voices, which some people do. My guides initially communicated with me through a sense of knowing, then eventually it grew to a dialogue of thoughts in my mind. I also had a block around the idea of channeling your guides. I felt inferior because I was not able to channel the way you see others do with their guides. Now I know that no method is better than the other. Our guides speak to us in the way that is best for us.

I hope this information was helpful for you! Please let me know if you are in need of any assistance from someone who is in a body (LOL). Feel free to email me with any of your questions.

I love you so much and I see a happy and prosperous week ahead for you!



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