Stay in your lane

(Originally written May 17, 2016)

Ive noticed there are two clear paths for living your life, one is focused completely on humanity and the other is focused completely on spirituality. There really is no way to live a life traveling down both paths, either you are engrossed in your human life stuff or you are engrossed in your spirit life stuff. With the spiritual movement there are people who use spirituality to live a better human life. Which is fine, but the separation should be identified. If your spiritual practice focuses on how you can live a better, more comfortable human existence you are not spiritual, or I should say you are not living a spiritual life rather.

The spirit lead life is not for everyone, obviously. There are those people whose entire existence is about being wrapped up in the human experience. Some souls are still young and haven’t learned enough to be able to separate themselves from their humanity.

Each day it becomes more and more clear to me that this place is indeed a prison. And the worst or best kind of prison depending on your perspective is the prison you don’t even know you are in. It’s like no one realizes that they are not their human body, you are not even your spirit. What you are is so great that it is pretty much impossible to even describe or explain on the earth plane.

Everyone is so worried about past lives, and karma and being nice. But when it comes to sitting down and doing your spiritual work you could care less. SMH. To me this way of thought is completely backwards. You spend all of your energy and focus on things that not only do not matter, but are NOT EVEN REAL. The earth plane and the astral plane are both illusions. Fakes. A forgery of whats real. I have no idea how people can be comfortable being in this place with all of the corruption and disharmony.

The other day I started to talk about astrology on my twitter timeline and immediately had a displeasing experience. I realized speaking on astrology is not my place, purpose or my lane. Astrology is a great tool for understanding the stars & planets and knowing your personal astrology does give insight to your current personality- but thats all it does. It tells you about the human aspects of you. Its become a religion almost, where people put more faith in their astrology than their own common sense let alone their own damn spirit.

You shouldn’t let your astrology rule you and define who you are. Of course energy is energy and it is good to be aware of the energy around your physical persona- but you are more than a physical being! So there is way more to you than your astrology. But I have to remember, there are two paths- and for most people they walk the path of humanity. It doesn’t matter how much I want for anyone to walk the left hand path, if its not their path, its not their path. Simple as that.

For me, I could care less about my physical existence. I only want to know about my spirit, my soul. Who I really am beyond this body. I want to know myself in totality. I want to return to what is real and feel real bliss, real ecstasy. You know the orgasm ( which is considered the highest form of pleasure on earth) is the lowest form of pleasure in the realm of the real?

I honestly wish I didn’t come back here. Earth is literally the fucking worst. And humanity is basically a lost fucking cause. But I know it isn’t about the individual people. Its about resonance and the collective. If 1% of the whole vibrate on love they have the power to raise the energy of the 99% to love out of resonance.

Ive seen this first hand with my family. The higher my energy goes, the more light that I embody the more light that we (my family) embody as a whole. We are all one. So when there is a majority of souls stuck here oblivious that they are incarcerated- it means we all are stuck and incarcerated. So this is why Im here. To raise the energy.

It’s not my job to tell you how to live your life, how to be a better human, or even to release your attachment to being human. My job is to focus on bringing in and holding as much light as I can. Which leads to more light being held by everyone. Allowing us all to transcend to a higher level, together.

So Im learning to stay in my lane and focus solely on spirituality, because that is my path. Of course there are certain human things that I run into, but who knows, maybe one day I won’t have to take any concern for my humanity. I know that the more control I give to my spirit, the more smooth my human life will be.

Until next time,


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