Working with the Angels

(originally written November 2015)

When it comes to our spirituality most of us believe in God and feel that we have a connection with God. This connection that we feel with God tends to be the basis of our spiritual beliefs. In my spiritual journey I noticed things really opened up for me once I became open to the idea of receiving help in other means that just from God. Yes God is the ultimate being, the source of all things but there are other spiritual beings who also exist and are eagerly willing to assist us. But since we live in a world based on free will we have to ask them to help us first.

Today I am going to share about a group of spiritual beings that many of us are already pretty familiar with-Angels. An angel is an egoless messenger of God. An Angels duty or purpose is to be the middle man between humanity and God. Since God is such a pure being and vibrates at the highest known frequency in the universe sometimes it is easier for the Angels to intervene and help us because they vibrate at a closer rate to humans than God.

There are nine ‘choirs’ or types of Angels. Of the nine choirs there are 3 sub- groups that all vibrate at a similar frequency. The first three types of Angels exist in the highest realms of heaven and also have the highest frequency, and are also the closest to God.

Seraphim- The highest order of Angels who are said to be shining bright as they are the closest to God. They are pure light.

Cherubim- These Angels are usually portrayed as chubby children with wings (think Cupid). These are the 2nd highest order of angels and are pure love.

Thrones- These Angels serve as a bridge between the material world and the physical world. They represent God’s fairness and justice.

Dominions- These Angels are the overseers or managers of all the other Angels.

Virtues- These Angels govern the order of the physical universe. They watch over the sun, moon, stars and the planets.

Powers- These Angels are peaceful warriors who purify the universe from lower energies.

Principalities- These Angels watch over the planet including the nations and cities to ensure God’s will of peace on Earth.

Archangels- These Angels are the overseers of human kind and the Guardian Angels. Each Archangel has a specialty which represents an aspect of God.

Guardian Angels- Each individual person has personal guardian angels who are assigned to them in their life.

The Archangels and the Guardian Angels are the Angels who I work with mostly in my life. However you can call upon any group of angels at any time. Angels are in spirit form so they are not bound by the same physical parameters as us. For example, you can not monopolize all of an Angels time and prevent them from being able to assist someone else. Angels are not bound to being in one place at one time.

If you are not sure what Angel you need, simply make a request to all Angels and the Angels who are best suited to help you will come. There is an unlimited amount of assistance available to you from the Angels. It is also important to note that we all have at least one guardian angel who is with us our entire life. Many of us have more than one. Sometimes a certain Angel will be assigned to you for a certain period of your life and then leave once you have completed that phase. While this newsletter is focused on Angels I will also note that you do have other assistance available to you other than your angels. I will touch on the other forms of spiritual guidance we have in the coming newsletters.

Next I will go into the different Archangels and their specialties.

Ariel- The Lioness of God. Ariel is the Archangels of the earth and works on behalf of the planet.. Ariel can assist you with connecting with nature and the nature spirits (fairies), and manifesting your material needs. Ariel has a pale pink halo color and is associated with the rose quartz crystal.

Azrael- Whom God helps. Azrael is often associated with the Angel of death because he meets people at their time of transition to help them cross over to the other side. Azrael helps newly crossed over souls feel comfortable and loved. Azrael also helps ministers and spiritual teachers. Azrael also helps with healing those who are bereaved deal with the loss of their loved ones. Azrael has a creamy white halo color and is associated with the yellow calcite crystal.

Chamuel- He who sees God. Chamuel helps us to locate the important aspects of our lives. Chamuel can help to find a new love interest, new friendships, a different job or any lost item. Chamuel can assist in mending any personal or work relationships as well. You can call on Chamuel for assistance with finding whatever you are seeking. Chamuel has a pale green halo color and is associated with the fluorite crystal.

Gabriel-God is my strength. Gabriel is the messenger of God. Gabriel assists all earthly messengers including writers, teachers and journalists. You can call upon Archangel Gabriel for assistance with delivering important and clear messages, as well as all aspects of parenting including conception and adoption. Gabriel has a copper halo color and is associated with the copper crystal.

Haniel- Grace of God. Call upon Archangel Haniel to awaken and trust your spiritual gifts of intuition and clairvoyance. Haniel can assist you by bringing more grace into your life. Haniel can also help in releasing the old and offering support and healing for women’s physical and emotional health issues. Haniel has a pale blue (moonlight) halo color and is associated with the moon stone crystal.

Jeremiel- Mercy of God. Jeremiel motivates us to devote ourselves to spiritual acts of service. Jermiel is involved in the process of attaining divine wisdom. He helps with forgiving and feeling stuck spiritually. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel for help developing and understanding spiritual visions and clairvoyance. Jeremiel can help by conducting a life review for you to so that you can make adjustments with respect to how you wish to live your life. Jeremiel has a dark purple halo color and is associated with the amethyst crystal.

Jophiel- Beauty of God. Jophiel is the patron archangel of artists. She helps us to see and maintain the beauty in our life. She is the Angel of Feng shui. Call upon Jophiel for assistance with beautifying and uplifting your thoughts and feelings, and to clear any physical or mental clutter out of your life. Jophiel has a dark pink halo color and is associated with rubellite or deep pink tourmaline crystals.

Metatron-Angel of the presence. Metatron is the prophet Enoch who was taken up into heaven instead of having to die a regular death. Metatron guides humans in the start of their spiritual journey. Metatron also assists with children especially the crystal and indigos. Call upon Archangel Metatron for assistance with sacred geometry and esoteric healing work, when working with universal energies including time management and ‘time warping’. Metatron also helps highly sensitive people the crystals, indigos and new children especially. Metatron has a violet and green halo color and is associated with the watermelon tourmaline crystal.

Michael- He who is as God OR he who looks like God. Archangel Michael releases the effects of fear and gives you the courage to follow your truth and your divine mission. Call upon Archangel Michael for assistance with remembering your life purpose and times when you feel like you need protection. Michael has a royal purple, royal blue and gold halo color and is associated with the sugalite crystal.

Raguel- Friend of God. Raguel is the Archangel of justice. He helps to bring fairness and harmony into relationships. Call upon Raguel when you feel overpowered or manipulated, when you want to heal arguments or misunderstandings, you want to bring harmony into a situation or with help in attracting wonderful new friends. Raguel has a pale blue halo color and is associated with the aquamarine crystal.

Raphael-God heals. Raphael assists with the healing of all people and animals, guiding healers in their education and practice, guidance and protection for travelers. Call upon Raphael whenever you are in need of any healing. Raphael has an emerald green halo color and is associated with the emerald or malachite crystals.

Raziel- Secret of God. Raziel helps in the understanding of esoteric knowledge including dreams, past lives, alchemy and manifestation work. Call upon Archangel Raziel for assistance understanding the secrets of the universe, remembering and healing past lives, understanding esoteric wisdom and for dream interpretation. Raziel has a rainbow colored halo and is associated with the clear quartz crystal.

Sandalphon- Brother. Sandalphon is the prophet Elijah who was also taken up by God instead of dying a regular death. He is the archangel of music and answered prayers. Call upon Archangel Sandalphon for assistance with delivering prayers to God, and guidance for musicians. Sandalphon has a turquoise halo and is associated with the turquoise crystal.

Uriel- God is light. Uriel pours light onto troubling situations. Call upon Uriel for assistance with intellectual understanding, conversations, ideas, insights and epiphanies, studying, school work and test taking, writing ans speaking. Uriel has a yellow halo color and is associated with the amber crystal.

Zadkiel- Rightoussness of God. Zadkiel is the Angel of good memory and is a great help to students. Call upon Zadkiel for help remembering facts and figures for tests, healing painful memories, remembering your divine spiritual origin and mission and choosing forgiveness. Zadkiel has a deep indigo blue halo color and is associated with the lapis lazuli crystal.

At any time you can call upon any of the Archangels and they will come into your life and gladly help you with whatever your cause is. If you would simply like to embody the characteristics of a certain archangel you can call upon them and ask them to help you to embody their characteristics. You can also use the crystals associated with that angel to invoke their presence in your life as well.

The main thing to remember about Angels is that they are always around, always wanting to help you. Your Angels may communicate with you through showing you repeating number sequences or by leaving feathers and coins in your path. Remember that you are never alone in this journey!

If you would like an Angel reading or have any other questions about angels feel free to email me at

Wishing you many blessings and prosperity,


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