5 Must-Have Equipment For Coal And Other Mining Companies

The mining industry is quite large with different segments, namely, coal mining, metallic and non-metallic mineral mining, metal ore mining, petroleum mining and more. All these areas require different types of equipment for proper functioning. However, there are some machinery that all of them should possess, irrespective of the mining job they are indulged in. These equipment make mining easier and free from hazards. There is no doubt of the fact that the mines are a risky place to work in. Hence, the machinery employed by the companies should be of the top-notch industry standards.

In this post, we are going to mention and detail such must-have equipment for the mining companies in India.

Hydraulic Excavators

These engineering vehicles are responsible for all types of excavation and demolition projects. Also known as the digger, these consist of an undercarriage mounted on tracks, a chassis, a bucket and a boom. There are different types, shapes, and sizes of hydraulic excavators available in the market, depending on the type of work they perform. These are heavy machinery that weighs from 3000 to 2 million pounds.


Almost all mining industries make use of the wheel loader, a mining equipment used for scooping and removing. It is known by several names like the front loader, bucket loader, skip loader, scoop loader, and etc. Basically, its function is to move Earth from one place to another. However, it can also be used for stockpiling, if accompanied by the bucket.

Articulated Hauler Or Dump Trucks

These are dumping and hauling vehicles also known as Dump Haulers. Consisting of a tractor in the front and a trailer at the back, these hauling vehicles are basically meant for transferring load over rough terrain. Be it sand, rock, minerals, gravel or plain soil, these haulers are highly effective in loading and dumping materials from one place to another.


Better known as Bulldozers, it consists of a tractor with a wide blade mounted in front. It is used for pushing heavy materials around, thus finding numerous applications in the mining industry. There are different types of dozers, crawler bulldozer, wheeled bulldozer, to name a few.

Crushing & Screening Plants

Crushers or crushing plants are used to crush materials like rocks, garbage, minerals, construction materials and more. On the other hand, the screening plants are used to filter granular particles in different layers. Both of these find a wide variety of applications in any Indian crushing company.

The mining companies in India use some other equipment like the Surface Miner Machine, Bucket Wheel Excavators, Graders and so on. In fact, some of these machines are also used in the construction companies for moving Earth, removing dust and debris and so on. However, most of the coal mining companies in India hire this equipment instead of buying. If you are one among them, make sure you hire this machinery from a reputable agency that conducts regular inspection of their hiring equipment. Nonetheless, it is a cost effective option to hire the big excavators and loaders instead of spending every ounce of your resources in buying them.