The Hazards of Illegal Mining and How to Combat Those

India has started to take strict measures against illegal mining activities. Now, the Supreme Court holds that any illegal mining activity should be penalized and, the entire profit incurred should be submitted to the Government. The mines are considered people’s property first, the national property next. However, these illegal mining activities do not enhance national benefits in any way. On the contrary, these minerals are sold out to the nearby countries at exorbitant rates, giving rise to huge profit scales. But, these have to be stopped now. The Government has decided that they are going to monitor each mining activity and, evaluate its authenticity before it is allowed to partake in any exportation process. Furthermore, all mining companies in India should possess an environmental and ecological clearance before they are allowed to mine. If they do mine without a license or a clearance, their profits will be curbed and they will be rendered, illegal miners.

But, why all of a sudden the Government has become so strict in terms of illegal mining? This is mainly because of the huge damage caused by such activities in the past. The new Government is taking things into their own hands to maintain sustainability. Let us get an idea about the hazards caused by illegal mining activities in India and see what are the way in which we can combat those.

First of all, let us see which mining activities are regarded as illegal. Okay, so any mining activity without a proper license is illegal and, mining beyond the licensed area is illegal. Then there is a decided limit for mineral extraction, beyond which your mining activity will be regarded as illegal. And lastly, if your company’s mining lease is still to be renewed and, you are continuing with the mining activities, what you are doing is illegal.

The Troubles Caused By Illegal Mining Activities:

  • Health Issues- The mine workers suffer from deadly diseases like Tuberculosis, Silicosis or Asbestosis.
  • The rise of Corruption- The illegal miners join hands with the big bosses of the society to get safe grounds for their illegal mining activities.
  • Environmental Hazards- Rampant clearing of forest lands render many valuable species endangered or even extinct. The climate is altered in some places due to extensive mining, thus affecting rainfall.
  • Water Pollution- Huge pollution of water supplies give rise to health issues and extinction of aquatic life.
  • Ground Water Contamination- The mixing up of chemicals and toxins in the soil and ground water renders the same unusable, leading to problems of drinking water deficiency.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Illegal Mining Efforts?

  • Mining lease should be provided with regard to the GPS coordinates of the area to track any illegal activity
  • The Government should see that the mining production is on par with the initial mining plan
  • A technological weigh bridge system should be implemented in every step of the way to detect excess mined amounts
  • Every cargo being loaded should be passed and certified as “Royalty Paid” by the port authorities
  • The system should be tightened so that leases and renewal permissions are granted on time

In other words, the Government should be a little more strict to enhance sustainable practices. So, if you are planning to invest in a mining company in Odisha, make sure that it is legal and follow every single regulation passed by the State or the Centre. This will help you keep all future legal issues at bay.