From check in to check out! — Check the article out now!

How it should look like from check in to check out as a complex and a proper story without scams to make you fabulously happy?

Fabulously happy!

We all wish, of course, everything would be without any problems, but in many cases they are “holes” in contracts or extra paragraphs, which should not leave us calm. Nevertheless, I am about to leave it somewhere behind for now and write the “ideal case” of getting a contract, living in a flat and finally till check out of your flatshare. Because if you think about it, there is no reason, why it should not be your story!

After your big fight among all those visitors and applicants, you won the lottery and your dream flat or flatshare is just about to fall in your hands! First step is to sign the contract. There is an unspoken rule, but you will come across it for 100 % sure, that you will have to give to the owner or to flatmates deposit and the first rent. With the deposit it is against law to ask amount higher than three times of the rent without the utilities. Usually people have common sense and ask deposit equal to one month rent.

So you have the contract, nothing seems to be tricky there, you are satisfied with all the information included there, you sign the contract, which you have read at least twice!.. and you feel the satisfaction with effort you made! Congratulation.

Now the period of lots of travelling, drinking beers, eating Trdelník and also visiting time to time the university comes! Considering your living you should be just aware of night-time rest, which is from 22:00 until 06:00. These are sleeping hours for the majority of locals and letting them sleep is a sign of good manners.

Personally, let´s face it — little party never killed nobody — if it is time to time! Still, remember what you will break/destroy in the flat, you have to pay and also you should be kind of a spy. Before throwing a party, observe what kind of neighbours you have and of course consider the owner. It might happen, the neighbours will call the police (don´t worry, they will not put you in a jail — haha, in extreme cases you will get a fine), but have on your mind the owner can kick you off the flat, if he is not full of understanding of being young and awesome.

After successfully passing all the exams, having your proper Erasmus life, you are about to go back to your lovely motherland, but what about leaving the flat?!

As you are Erasmus, you usually get to know when you are going to finish your studies, there is no time for waiting the grass to grow in these cases and you should inform your flatmates or the owner about your leaving in advance — and I´m talking here about a month or even two months before. Otherwise, there is a high possibility, they won´t be willing to give you back the deposit — speciality of Czech people as I am observing, lately.

Anyway, everything depends on your contract. I will insist one more time, read it properly before signing! In the Czech law is a paragraph saying, owner should give you the deposit back latest after a month you left the place, if everything is in order in a flat and you paid your rent properly, nothing is destroyed and you didn´t settle it differently in the contract.

We are still sticking to the ideal story! So you have your deposit back in your hands, you feel rich again!

Just if you have some doubts about your owner or flatmates, just make them sign “a leaving contract”, where should be written, you are leaving a flat, when, and that you won´t use it anymore as everybody agrees with it. If you have no doubt and you feel confident, just pack your things, book a ticket, leave the keys of your apartment and wohooo.

Let´s go ahead other adventures, because life´s great! Ciao!
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