Change is Important.

When you decides to quit job and you leave it with all consciousness but still people have question on your decision.Then you yourself feel confused about it. Now if you are asking for a change you have to give it time but what if people around you has too much of quarries that why you are planning for change? let me be clear, life is about changes ,time is changing also our needs and demands which we can’t help so better to cooperate .End of the day if you can’t accept changes people will change you .

I am a textile designer lastly working with one of the most well known textile company of decades .The age of the company is more than 50 now. There I was able to understand the need of change and how important it can be.With time the style of marketing your product showcasing your product in front of the world is changing and it is happening too fast.Now days reaching to the high-end customers is not difficult, it just a click ahead.

New companies are forming and coming up with their new work process and strategies,everything is so new and fresh enough to beat you in competition.

So what will those rural people do who only knows the manufacturing part and use to deliver their products to big big names of Indian Business .

World economy is changing along with fast technology and we are the part of it.

So the time has arrived to be responsible and learn the unlearn and relearn the learned and took some positive action in this fast forward changes.

Rather than being individuals and keeping our knowledge individually stored it is important to share and communicate and make every one participate in this change.

I want to do this , it may not be easy ,it may not be a comfortable journey but I want to take this challenge and want to be the part of this discomfort.

When we will be able to find the perfect balance of Urban and Rural then we will be able to see the effective growth .