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Hey friends,

I heard that Medium is the best place to launch the best of apps out there. So, I’m here shooting my shot on behalf of Nabblr . I have taken this step to share our media kit here. I hope it will provide a good insight on my most ambitious project yet. Thank you for passing by and i’d love to hear what you think. (please send emails to


Willy Tanui @nabblr /

P.S. Please find all of the images attached below on Dropbox here 👇

So what’s Nabblr?

We all love social media. Its the best source of news and any other information we need happening in realtime. Business owners such as bar and restaurant operators, event planners , retail shop operations and so on and so forth everyday log into the existing social media platforms to advertise their businesses to consumers i.e. both you and me.

What they don’t know is their advert is seen from the back yard to the farthest point as limited by their geographical IP address chosen at point of posting an ad. But the big question is, how many of these adverts translate into real sales? Many of the advertisers that post non-paid posts depend on you to hopefully stumble on their post unless you follow their account on your preferred platform.

To test this theory I opened a Twitter account and followed over 50 accounts related to hospitality industry. What I found out is that, most of these business owners go an extra mile to hire talented graphic designers to design good posters, offer amazing offers on their products and services but most of them went without a single like or retweet…. very sad, right? Nobody stumbled on these posts unless where the users we their actual and active followers.

Nabblr is a revolutionary social networking platform that allows its users explore news, amazing deals on eats , treats and events happening around them, showing the most nearest ones first.

I wanted to create a platform that not only translate your posts/adverts as an advertiser to sales as well as give the consumer a chance to explore different options without walking into a restaurant, for example, to ask for a menu. We have also included chat options for one on one as well as group chats. For those wishing to tag a stranger or friend to lunch or dinner, you are covered. Go to friends section and choose the most nearby person that meets your preference… easy as 1,2,3..

Did i mention our timelines are open? At Nabblr, we are a community of friends. You don’t have to follow anyone to see their content. If you are in Nairobi, Kenya, for example, all the posts shared by Nairobians will be available to you — the most nearest to you first! Unless someone has blocked you exclusively from seeing their content — we take privacy seriously around here. So no followers, just friends.

Launch Details

Who made Nabblr?

I have always been passionate about location based applications. With my first startup , @derevabuddy , I was trying to solve the traffic problem around Nairobi but had to shelve it so that i can focus on Nabblr. Its taken me more than a year to have it ready on both iOS and Android. Mastering development on these two platforms as a hobby wasn’t easy but here we are, a fully fledged app ready to take off.

Unlike in developed counties where startups are built in garages , there is no garage here, so Nabblr was built anywhere and everywhere so long as a little time was available outside working hours of 9 to 5pm, coffee and good WiFi. I want to see Nabblr grow into a full fledged company and make this ambitious dream a reality. I’d love to have you along the journey.



Media Kit — Appstore Screenshots

You can find all the images below on Dropbox here 👇

iPhone 6
iPhone X
App Icon


Primary: #07845C,

White: #fff,

Thanks again for reading up about Nabblr.

If you have any questions please shoot me an email:

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