One reason I was failing in tech interviews (Maybe).

I do have a hard time explaining concepts and answering questions when in an interview or when with a friend.

I don’t know whether it’s my lack of knowledge in the subject but definitely, there were moments I knew the answer but couldn’t explain or put it properly.

So here is one of the advice I got 2 years back when I failed an interview at KisanHub.

Write something, anything, every time you encounter a new tool, program, technique or idea — it doesn’t have to be shared. — Raphael Cohn.
Photo by Calum MacAulay on Unsplash

As programmers we learn things constantly, let that be when we doing a course online, reading a blog or maybe when we run into a bug. Writing it down helps because 1) It sticks with you when you write 2) You can quickly go through it when you get free time or at the point of revision.

I was a year experienced developer when I got this advice and I used to take down notes in my tech diary when ever I learn new languages, framework, or computer concepts. But even after 2 years writing down notes didn’t help me in my communication or explaining skills.

So after wandering through the internet on ‘How to explain things better’ I got two drills that I think will improve my explanation skill.

  1. Record, listen, rinse and repeat. (This Reddit answer will give you a better idea)
  2. Write a blog or an article.
Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash
So, take down notes when you learn something new and record or write a blog on it. And make that a habit.