Edhi sb used Amal as a principle of progress in his life, as his mother divided fruits in packets and then sent him to deliver them in people’s homes so in his early life he became use to of it so after this he applied even when he get older and started to help the people. Similarly after graduation I want to apply for MS in abroad for this I had to write motivation letter so what happened I didn’t know how to write it I was considering it as a so much difficult (everything seems difficult until unless u don’t perform it as it requires Amal then khudi starts ) so when I tried to write it firstly it was not so perfect then I started to focus on it search about the information and then edited it finally I became able to write it.

Similarly before watching English videos of A.J hoge it was quite difficult for me to improve my accent I searched for it then I got one useful link for English speaking videos

my goal is: Want to learn English american accent.

1. why i want to acheive it: becouse English language is very important to learn its very important for communication and right accent sounds good while wrong.

2. Challanges that faced in the past: had not proper videos or learning links like now i got videos of A.J HOGE but in the past i faced many problems that what i should see like that videos having clear accent.

3. What were challanges that i faced: Due to busy schedual i could not give proper time and when i have time net speed roblems found as in day time its speed is too low.

4. what I learned: How to speak that sounds good.

5. next step: to watch more videos.

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