One of the best conversations I recently had with a wonderful woman, who now has become one of my best-friends, was after a workout at the gym and my comment was, “Ma’am, I hope you don’t misunderstand me when I’m saying this as an attempt to try and get you to sleep with me. But I’m impressed with your sparring techniques.”
Quitting Pornography — My Personal Experience.
Nabeel Tahir

I’ve received a few messages regarding this paragraph here, I thought I’d go ahead and just clarify this here. When I approached the lady at the gym, the reason why I said “I hope you don’t misunderstand me” was a result of not having my comments about her sparring technique being misunderstood as a lousy attempt at trying to get her attention; which it wasn’t. I hope that clears up the confusion, I feel adding a comma or rewriting that paragraph would’ve helped make it less confusing. Regards.

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