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Jim Acosta, the epitome of when you stomp down to the level you so despise.

It was inappropriate, no doubt about it.

“American flag” by Thomas Ashlock on Unsplash

There’s Journalists who care about the news, and then there’s Journalist who care about their image in the news.

Jim Acosta, is an example of the latter.

Hear me out, despite the dramatic exchange that ensured between Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump; do remember — he still is the President.

Jim Acosta, is a Journalist.

Whilst it’s necessary to ask the “Tough Questions” and bring attention to the matters at hand, there’s a time and there’s a place.

But this isn’t a conversation about a back and forth between Jim Acosta and the President — who clearly interrupted Acosta’s questioning.

It’s about Self-Defence and how someone so eager to project their world-view will stomp down to the level they so despise; the level the of the aggressor.

Was it aggression, was it fear, was it to be a hero?

What I do know is, Journalists have a duty to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

If they fail to do so, action is necessary.

We can reprocess the footage and make GIFs out of it as much as we wish to do so; but what is blatantly obvious is that Jim Acosta stomped himself over by abusing the microphone he held onto for dear life and as he shoved an intern from preventing to take his microphone.

Self Defence?
Just an intern doing her job, trying to calm down a situation.

Saying “Excuse me, ma’am” after clearly blocking her arm — was not appropriate.

A basic Self-Defence instructor, could tell you it was a Wrist-Lock manoeuvre.

Just ask Joe Rogan,

Sorry Joe! (I still love you)

Instinctual or not; it was inappropriate.

If Jim Acosta wanted to be taken seriously and have his opinions discussed in a civil manner, he should’ve done so by upholding the standards he wished to project.

If one is to call the President for childish behaviour and mannerisms, get a class in Moral and Ethical conduct before you wish to establish yourself as a pundit of glory and all things holy.

Did Jim Acosta deserve to have his Press Pass revoked?

Yes. Because the Intern was well within her rights to pull the microphone from Jim Acosta, and Jim Acosta was not within his rights to block the Intern from doing her job.