Let your sexual energy shine.

Love doesn’t require mind games.

Photo by Luca Huter on Unsplash

It’s easy to get trapped in a mental game of chess in pursuit of figuring out a valuable relationship, especially if past experiences have been horrible.

Trust becomes a valuable necessity and as we get older, we tend to grow in our ability to sever ties with toxic relationships.

In patience, we find that intimacy is valuable than a quick one night stand.

Not that there’s any shame in it.

After a while, a certain — it gets tiresome and futile.

I often find as men we repress our energy, we like the mind games and in this pursuit miss out on wonderful experiences.

It’s difficult to admit, to let the sexual energy shine and let it work as a magnetic force to draw an intuitive connection.

I don’t mean in a creepy way, you won’t find love by grinding on the dance floor.

Your sexual energy is a valuable tool to discovering the honesty that lies within an intimate experience — the slow passionate drive, we all seek at some point in our lives.

As someone who sees value in people rather than just a shallow encounter, I find that it’s often lost in translation when we conceal our emotions in pursuit of looking foolish.

Once you own up to your energy, become whole with it — it reflects to the outer world.

In using this experience, one explores a deeper connection — one which surpasses the pleasure a rinse and repeat experience may provide.

Often a subject of taboo, but rather one that we tend to miss out on is that in reality; I find older women tend to have a greater appreciation when you’re clear about your intentions.

In fact, the most meaningful relationships in my life — sexual or otherwise, have been with older women.

In these experiences there’s a sense of reliability, a deeper emotional drive that binds individuals closer through honesty.

Burying your sexual energy, in fear of being ridiculed, is a brutal mistake we as men tend to make.

When one shines their sexual energy, the negative drive will disappear as the thrive for reason become much more dominant.

You’re no longer playing mind games, you’re open about what you wish for.

In this pursuit, when we do let our energy reflect to the out world — there is a connection that builds and intertwines passion.

Hence, in an environment where we feel to repressed to express our emotion; let your sexual energy shine in a positive light.

Compliment not just in pursuit of sexual reward, but a deeper more confident reflection.

You won’t be shamed for it or neither be perceived as creepy, because an honest compliment is almost always appreciated.

Women, especially older ones — tend to not take this at face value.

They tend to adore this mannerism, if it comes from a place of honesty.

The quick, repetitive, sexual scheming only lasts to long before a feeling of emptiness ensues.

In experience, a passionate bond is much resonant and complete.

The morning-after is a little less awkward, because the decision was made with clarity and intent.

It was not derived from mental tricks, but rather a euphoric chemical reaction; one that will forever be more fulfilling.

I’ve found that when I truly compliment with honestly, it breaks the ice, there’s no more need to guessing games; it’s a remarkable connection, one which lasts much longer in our worldly experience.

Don’t be afraid to explore, we’re only on this planet only for so long; hence don’t deprive yourself of a passionate experience, one that is valuable beyond measure.

Show a deeper respect without expectation for sexual gratification, and you’ll find that your inner sexual energy will do the job intuitively.