Only through losses can we learn to be better losers — Confucius.

Being a loser ain’t easy.

Oh you’re a bum? Me too!

Did you also learn the hard way that writing is not a way to make a living, yet the desire to continue thrives.

My dear friend Confucius left me with a great deal of wisdom; I know how to be a better loser.

There was a time, I took being an absolute failure to heart — it used to keep me up at night.

Then I realised I had my mother’s basement, which makes for a cozy living.

Free WiFi helps fund my passion in this pursuit, of finding a sense of awareness and connection.

Whilst in my neighbourhood I’m only ever recognised as the deadbeat.

However, here I can be whoever I wish to be — it’s what writing is all about.

We can create worlds through imagination fuelled by words, and it doesn’t cost much.

All it takes is a little bit of effort, to sit down and hustle my way to coerce a friend to buy me dinner; “Hey, that looks delicious. Mind if we share?”.

This, this isn’t a way to make a living — but it sure damn well gives life a whole lotta purpose; to make life worth living.

If you wish to make a living, become an Accountant or a Lawyer; there’s serious dough in that shindig.

Here, this is a sacred place.

A place for the hungry, the passionate, ones filled with the desire to turn our thoughts into reflective pieces and share it with the world beyond our consciousness.

Story after story, we develop — discovering more about ourselves as we do about others involved in this pursuit, we all it passion; some call it having a soul.

Once in a while, you’ll even receive a reward; not a monetary one.

One of love, One of gratitude, One that makes you feel — “hey this might just be worth doing…”.

No matter how many times you tell yourself, “I guess I’ll get a real job”; you’ll find you’re still observing your surroundings for how you could create something mundane into an interesting story to share with the world unknown.

Let the readers imagination take a life of its own.

Now that’s magic.

It’s not a way to make a living.

But like my friend Confucius always says, “Just keep being a loser, until the definition of the word evolves to make you feel more like you’re a hero”.

A keyboard warrior, a mighty wordsmith, a complete deadbeat with a heart that beats to the melody of our soul.