5 Martech Tools Every Small Business Should Add To Their Stack

Jun 10 · 6 min read

Martech is a relatively new word, meaning the blending of marketing and technology. We’re living during a time in which digital marketing is inescapable, especially if you’re a business owner seeking financial stability and growth. The term “martech” more specifically applies to direct initiatives, efforts and tools designed to conquer specific marketing objectives and goals. I just so happen to have five favorites; five essential martech tools that you should consider adding to your business today. All of these are incredibly affordable, especially considering the growth numbers they put up again and again.

1. Zenreach

The Cost: Depending on your needs, $129-$199 per month + $299 up front.

The Return: You’ll see via monthly reports that your monthly revenue will increase $2,000 or more.

How It Works: Setting up a Zenreach access point (think: sleek little magic wifi router) takes about five minutes to install (all you need is an outlet) and boom: your customers can connect to fast, free and secure wifi. You’ve now just turned what was once regular wifi (or a “no wifi — put your phones down and talk to your friends” chalkboard sign) into a powerful data-collection tool designed to help you improve your marketing initiatives. By logging in, a customer gives you their email, demographic information and how often and what time they’re visiting your store.

Zenreach offers “Smart Messages” instead of generic email blasts. Welcome first-time customers and give them a reason to visit again. Track down guests who haven’t been in in a while, and offer some incentive to change that. Smart Messages are deeply personal, and create a connection with each customer, making your business a more attractive option than your competitors.

Other perks include marketing campaign management (let the experts handle it, you’ve got a business to run!), a tracked Walk-Through Rate™, real-people targeting (Zenreach’s data outperforms Facebook control groups by 70%!) and a crazy-good success rate. Businesses who use Zenreach grow 65% faster than those using traditional marketing methods. Seriously.

2. Tattle

The Cost: $50 a month

The Return: receive 25x more feedback than Yelp, 20x more feedback than in-house comment cards, 35% of customers who use Tattle return to the business.

How It Works: Tattle is a causal-based survey platform designed to collect feedback and provide internal motivation to, essentially, figure out how to make your business the best version of itself.

Installing Tattle is as easy as any download — integrate it into your POS system, in-store kiosks and your company’s website. Set monthly goals for your staff members to hit — make it fun! Choose different categories that apply to your business (i.e. cleanliness, accuracy, hospitality, atmosphere, etc.) to add to and personalize your in-house surveys. The goal is always 100% in each category, and Tattle crunches the numbers to supply you with a cohesive report, highlighting the areas that need improvement. With Tattle, customer experience management is easier than ever, much less of a grey area, and comes with accountability solutions for your entire team, which in turn elevate customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

3. ChowNow

The Cost: $99- $149 a month with setup fees starting at $199

The Return: ChowNow restaurant partners who run promotions with the help of their Restaurant Success Managers earn 33% more revenue in their first 6 months.

How It Works: Focusing on the improvement of customer loyalty, ChowNow offers a cohesive, branded mobile to web to in-store experience. Custom-built iPhone and Android apps that showcase your restaurant’s logo, fonts and color scheme improves brand recognition and provides a more personalized user experience. An integrated ordering feature right on your website or Facebook page (avoiding the re-direction to a third-party ordering site that usually steals a 20% commission fee) converts web browsing into transactions and social following into paying customers.

Installing ChowNow tablets in your POS area frees up the phone and allows for multiple orders to be inputted at once, creating a new level of efficiency for takeout and pickup. Orders come in instantly, prepaid, and most importantly, accurate.

While ChowNow functions as an integrated ordering platform, it keeps track of all data and analytics. As a restaurant owner or manager, you can pull reports anytime you want. The ChowNow portal also allows you to customize your menu (it will then sync across all devices) and view your highest spenders and most (or least) frequent diners. This information allows you to then create targeted marketing initiatives to reward or gain loyalty. The re-marketing tools are all built right in, saving you time and brainpower.

4. Cardlytics

The Cost: 10–15% of each advertisement

The Return: $5:1 for each advertisement run.

How It Works: Cardlytics works with online and mobile banking rewards programs (actual purchase history), keeping track of customer purchase behavior and assisting marketers in the analysis of the monetary impact of marketing campaigns (both in-store and online). Seeing where, how often and how much your guests are spending their money gives you insight in making better marketing, merchandising or operating decisions.

The personalized purchase behavior-based targeting allows an extremely high return, protected behind a tried-and-true Purchase IntelligenceTM firewall. Without bots, fraud, viewability issues or objectionable content, consumer engagement with the targeted offers increases exponentially.

5. Mailchimp

The Cost: $0 to $199 a month +$99 a year for custom domains

The Return: Campaign-dependent

How It Works: What was once a single-faceted way to send email bursts to current and potential clients, MailChimp has now evolved into an all-in-one marketing platform. Create “audiences” based on different customer demographics or behaviors and receive campaign insights for each group in personalized reports. MailChimp now helps you discover specific segments within or across all of your audience groups, allowing you to create newer, more specific marketing initiatives for groups you may not have realized had behaviors in common.

MailChimp allows you to see your open and click-through rates, total revenue and average order value, whether per customer, per audience group or per campaign. These reports become invaluable as you learn your customers’ spending, opening and clicking patterns, allowing you to cater to future marketing campaigns to your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, automation was Mailchimp’s original claim to fame. This still remains one of its greatest tools, saving you time and money.

And there you have it. 5 invaluable martech solutions for all of your marketing woes. Hit the comments section with your own favorites or experiences with mine… let’s discuss!








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