Apps! Why USA comes first?

Most of the new Apps I heard about could not be found on the App and Play Stores, when I go back to the media I found everyone is talking about it, so where is the App, and why it is not on the App or Play Stores? I found the answer; and it was simply because I live in the Middle East!

By few experiments I became able to get them on my phone, I go to my phone settings, change my country into United States, and bingo! The App is visible and downloadable, and that indeed is not a crime.

That happened to me a lot, “Facebook Paper”, “Yik Yak”, “Hyperlapse”, “Slingshot” and few other Apps that was not released to the world but just to the customers inside the United States, after few annoying facts that the App is available only in the US and for those users whom can keep changing their phone preferences to get it (like me!), I asked why! Why companies are targeting the United States first before asking rest of the world to join the party?

The answer I could realize from my understanding is this:

  1. Culture: When an App is being released, normally it does not support everyone’s culture, the companies does not compromise their spending to support everyone as long as the App is not yet proven, the companies test the reaction of people, and if it works, they move to other regions and in turn, other cultures, and more money investments.
  2. Pioneering Users: The smart phone users of the US are good at what they do; they can give you a good usage graph and feedback in terms of UX and interaction. You do not want to read wrong figures by having your App released to the wrong audience whom might not be familiar with what trend you are trying to fetch.
  3. Customer Service: Releasing an App to the market is not the end of the story, it is the beginning of a big one, the App once released, you will see and find different people start sending you the reviews and feedback on your social media channels, the App Store and Play Store pages, Customer Service teams must be capable to support people worldwide and catch up with their reviews, if companies fail in this, they are done, and their App is done too. They prefer to start with the least customer base to catch up, and to save their spending about an App still under evaluation where no one knows anything yet about its future.
  4. Multilingual User Interface: This is a cost, and it requires lot of time and efforts, however, companies do not want to support Russian language thereafter no one from Russia is going to use the application for some reason! Moving gradually/incrementally among other languages is safer and gives the company to focus on the App functional growth and perfection.
  5. Apple First: The companies normally following a habit to build their Apps supporting Apple devices in the beginning, and that is for many reasons you can easily realize. The best market to experiment an App with a wide range of iPhone and iPad users is differently the US. There are some European countries that rarely an iPhone have been seen with their teenagers in the streets.
  6. Maturity: Since quality is the open gate for the popularity, companies prefer to test their application on small audience, they stay with that spread fixing the App and paying much attention to users’ needs and suggestions, once they stop receiving serious talk about the App drawbacks which leads the company to immediate enhancements, they obtain the courage to go worldwide over the planet.

That was not everything I could found, those were the most reasonable factors why strategies of the App creators decide to go USA first. To brief the situation, it is all about saving business resources, and achieving a quality factor to guarantee a market position and a proper user base.