The things that makes me smile when I was in Primary School

Listen to my Co-Assistant singing happily with his face also moving together.

When I didn’t cover my text book with plastic and I got a ‘present’ which is pinches in the ears.

I brought a fake lizard to class and show it the friends. They do got really scared. Finally, I got a warning from a prefect.

I always got homework balances that was gave from my mother. It was a parched paper that always run out of ink and I need to guess what the heck the writing is.

When I found out the usefulness of the liquid paper. Man, it was a savior.

Throw up in the school canteen drain after drinking school’s scheme milk.

Took part with Math and Alam & Manusia competition with some ‘sort of crazy weird’ Chinese male friend. But he was very good in what he do.

During my involvement with school stage night performance. It was like a puppet show but with a size of human puppet with Hore Hore song by Sudirman. We had to wear the big sarong with a face on it. It gets really hot when in it about 2 hours. I was babbling to myself and wondering whose idea is it.

Throw up again during class. We were sitting 4 in a group. When I came back, I saw all of my friends in that table had clean up my mess. I’m so sorry.

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