Steal Nails, Glass Pieces Removed From Girl’s Stomach Through Surgery

Steel nails, glass pieces and other items removed from the stomach of a girl. — Photo by Nabi Jan Orakzai

August 26, 2016

PESHAWAR, 26 August: At least 20 steel nails, glass pieces and locks of fallen hair have been removed from the stomach of a 22-year-old girl belonging to Parachinar through a surgery in Peshawar.

Dr Sajjad, who performed surgery on Maryam at a private hospital, said the girl was brought to hospital after she complained of severe pain in her stomach. He said the X-ray and ultrasound reports showed that there were up to five inches long steel nails, glass pieces and locks of fallen hair inside the stomach of the girl. He said all these things were removed from the girl’s stomach and she is feeling better now.

“The girl has regained consciousness now and she says she don’t know anything about the presence of these things in her stomach. However, we believe that the girl had consumed these items. The girl’s parents believe that she is possessed. The girl was lucky in a sense that all these things did not damage her parts of stomach,” Dr Sajjad told TNN.

The girl’s father Muhammad Yousaf said his daughter is a mental patient and he didn’t know when and how she consumed these things.

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