How to Make 2017 Welcome You

A new methodology to make 2017 your best year yet

In fact, I was looking at the calendar today morning and I was shocked when I recognized that a month and a half has been stolen from my years without doing real hard work or achieving in goals yet in 2017. I went to my phone, searching my Facebook feeds, and I was happy to see these comments on an old blog post I have written in 2016. I re-read the article once more, it energized me and decided to share it with the world.
Here is the original article wrote on October 2016.

Let me share with you a thought that was hitting my mind from the beginning of October. As you know that 2016 is closing its chapter from our lives. And we will welcome the new year 2017 very soon. So you and I may be thinking right now how to receive the new year. We may as well start planning our dreams and goals for the new year. This was the case with me till something happened at the beginning of October made me change the way I am looking for 2017. And think how to make 2017 Welcome You and me.

The story begins when I met a group of my friends and start thinking what will we do in 2017. What do we want to achieve and how. To be honest with you, I was half present with my friends as my mind was wandering.

Yes, my mind was wandering and trying to shift the question. I found an internal happy positive voice inside of me asking me “Nabil, why don’t you let 2017 welcome you?” In fact, at the beginning, I tried to eliminate this voice and to get myself totally present with my friends. They were enjoying the moment more than I was at this moment. Then I decided to let the thought of making 2017 welcome me go from my head. And I succeeded to get my thought back to its normal state. However, on my way back to home, the inner happy voice didn’t let me enjoy the peace of the moon in the clear sky on this wonderful night. And the voice was begging for an answer to the question. for me, the question was a killing question.

The Awakened Night

I decided later to go for a sleep, talked to my wife about my plans for 2017 and she did as well. Then we decided to sleep. This night was not as peaceful as all my previous nights, the inner voice came back to me to wake me up at 3.00am. So it was as if my monster trying to destroy me.

With a higher voice this time inside my heart and soul, the voice asked me again “Nabil, why don’t you let 2017 welcome you?“. I know how important this question is, but in fact, I don’t want to commit myself any extra hard work. Not only this, I knew as well that if I answered this question, I will get very upset at myself. For more than one reason, here are some of them:

  • I didn’t prepare well for 2017
  • I didn’t do my best in 2016
  • I broke more than one promise to myself
  • I procrastinate a lot of work that I had to accomplish

In short, I was not willing to face myself with any facts. To be very honest with you, at this moment I had mixing feelings, the feeling that it is a must to face myself and the feeling to sleep in peace. Tried to sleep, but my mind and heart together didn’t allow me to do so. Again the sound this time didn’t just wake me up as in the first time, in fact, it called me for an urgent hard bloody meeting with my real true self.

With the silence of the night and the urge of my soul, I had no other choice but to obey. Getting to my desk, opening my diary and reviewing my dreams, evaluating my achievements, successes and failures till the moment. Some AHAs moments appeared on the horizon of my thoughts. I started to feel calm and the inner voice started to support me. It asked me not to get upset for any lost opportunities during 2016. Assuring that with more self-awareness and effective actions 2017 will be the one who will welcome me not I am the one who will welcome her. I was very interested to know how to do that, I surrendered my power to my intuition to guide me.

The New Year Welcome Me Secret Revealed

Here was how to make 2017 welcome me, in some easy steps and self-commitment I am sure now I will make 2017 welcome me. Here are the steps I followed and are helping me a lot and I am sure it will help you as well:

  1. Review all your dreams and goals for 2016 — The Goals you set at the beginning of 2016.
  2. Rate where are you now in each goal.
  3. Celebrate your achievements and feel the gratitude for achieving them.
  4. Make an inventory of the effort and time you put toward each goal — let yourself know that you paid the price of the success you achieved so far.
  5. For the unachieved goals if any — Did you put the effort that will meet the desired outcome.
  6. Don’t judge yourself at all now, but mention what prevented you from taking the right action to achieve your goals.
  7. Don’t forget that you have many successes as well, study them and feel grateful for them.
  8. Accept that you didn’t achieve some goals for 2016 and assure it is not too late.

Now we will move to the Important part, your homework to make 2017 welcome you:

  1. I want you to Imagine 2017 as a house owner, not a visitor.
  2. You have less than three months to prepare for visiting 2017.
  3. 2017 is generous, everyone is allowed to enter the house but yet not everyone is very welcomed.
  4. 2017 is very open for receiving gifts from the visitors, if you have the right gift for 2017, 2017 will be very generous with you and will give you Ultimate Success.
  5. The gifts 2017 looks for are personal achievements and Successes.
  6. 2017 is offering you a golden opportunity to complete and accomplish the pending goals of 2016 or to set one new big goal to enter 2017 with — What a generous offer from 2017.

Now this is your turn, What one big thing you can do in the upcoming three months to make 2017 welcome you?

Here are my commitments to myself:

  1. I will accomplish the remaining part of my Doctorate degree by the end of 2016 — Not achieved goal from 2016 yet.
  2. I will work on publishing my first book — Not achieved goal yet from 2016.
  3. I will develop the complete Fear Destroying system (FDS) with a workbook for free to all my subscribers — My gift for you and for 2017 :):)
  4. I will create a video showing people how to set goals for 2017 with a short workbook — My gift for you and for 2017 :):)
  5. I will develop my first online training program — My gift for 2017 :):)

I wish the ideas and information in this article were helpful for you. If you liked it please mention your actions in the comment below and let us all inspire each other. Share this article with all your friends so that we all are welcomed by 2017 instead of welcoming it passively.

Toward Amazing 2017

Originally published at on October 5, 2016.