Hello, since I changed my old blog to be more private, I made this to be the public one yay! I write mostly about anything that comes in mind, so you might find the topic of my writings random hehe.

I just finished my undergraduate, so now I’m a fresh graduate looking for a job and I’ll have a lot of spare time to do one of the thing I like most: writing! Just thinking about it excites me a lot. I’m trying to do this One Week One Writing, so I’ll post my new writing on weekend.

Kebanyakan dari tulisanku yang aku kirim di sini mungkin adalah re-post dari pikiran-pikiranku yang pernah aku tulis di blog lama.

I’m using Indonesian and English, mostly English because it sounds fancier lol no because somethings are better said in English I dont know why. I often use Indonesian for long articles.

That’s enough for an introduction, hope you can enjoy my writings and get inspired :)

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