Secrecy of Conscience

I was trying to regain my sanity, when you came along.

Your charm like a plague to my wounds.

I was averting any strings, when you told me ‘this is where i belong’.

Your glance is overwhelming; taken control of me.

I was wondering of serenity, when out of sudden you get half of me.

Your urge to stay bugging my contemplation.

I promised myself not to letting anyone touch my soul over again, which finally i’d defy — for the sake of you.

The pain was linger on every part of my body; yet, you wash them away — disposing any cracked memories which i buried deep inside my heart.

I recuperated myself on my own, yet you insist to be there; to be here — where me is only a chaotic psyche who detests herself for being mere but a loser.

I was still in my hesitation.

Would i be ready to have a new muse? The question remains as you murmured, saying you want to resurrect my ideas of love.

Then, as i sipped my coffee while wandering what is it you really want, you gazing at me intentionally.

I wish you wholly awake when you said i was the one you ever wanted,

I wish you wittingly up when you said i was your desideratum.

Thus, please, fulfill this longing of tranquility.

Unravel me, to attain the whole of me — i whispered to you back, as you smiled and pulled me into your arms.

Because i finally — frantically — fighting a faith for you.

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