Don’t ask what your customer wants !
Soufiane Khatibi

I like the way you think but I am not sure I agree with you…even if I’m not a marketer or a product manager :p

Data allow business to keep innovating as the customer needs are growing.

For example , Dacia Lodgy (7 seats) didn’t take into account the use of the vehicle as a Taxi in Moroccan Market, so they produced 3+2 seats rows instead of 2+3 in order to make the passage to the rear seats more fluid…

Another example in the same field, a carmaker didn’t take into account Moroccan drivers very often use the lights flash (usually to warn you a policeman in the road), so this part wasn’t enough resistant and often broke, which generates a lot of customers claims…

And I think this kind of stuffs is usually due to a lack of data.