In this article I go through the first steps of Flight-X, a brand new B2B IT product by TravelgateX.

Opening a new business line for the company

I initially joined TravelgateX, as Head of Innovation, with a clear mission of bringing some new ideas to our business and apply them with a fresh, entrepreneurship-style approach. We decided, but, that instead of trying the top-down way (i.e. cross-cover all departments and services at the same time from an upper, supervisor position) we would rather go for a more bottom-up, hands-on discipline. …

An Inception workshop is a frequent practice in companies that embrace the Agile discipline. It allows defining a common ground for a new project, where all participants (product owners, developers, designers, stakeholders) debate together, through different activities, about what to build, how to build, which are the customers, or how to forecast the risks involved. A shared understanding (consensus) will bring clarity about individual roles and responsibilities, and ideally the team will walk out with an initial backlog of epics, milestones and user stories that the developers will tackle in the first sprints.

Last week we conducted a single day…

Transportation, electric vehicles, charging stations, representation of an e-mobility ecosystem

Our trajectory so far

MotionWerk is a company that was born initially to incubate and nurture the first steps of its opera prima: Share&Charge. For those who don’t know this initiative, you can read its blog to know more on how we evolved from an early idea (a marketplace for sharing charging stations, the “AirBnB of EV charging”) to what is currently being developed (a “decentralized protocol for Electric Vehicle charging, transactions and data sharing”) under the supervision of the Share&Charge Foundation.

These last months we have been busy factoring out Share&Charge from MotionWerk, to give the latter its own administrative body. Today, this…

The future of EV (Electric Vehicle) mobility strives for a seamless integration of diverse sovereign individuals, entities and machines, together participating in a system powered by green energy flowing back and forth between batteries and points of charge distributed everywhere. A world of manned and unmanned driving vehicles that make use of a decentralized charging infrastructure, where the transfer of value (electricity for money or tokens) is trusted, automated, free of local constraints or barriers such as pre-contracts with suppliers, payment methods supported, accepted currencies, or security risks like fraud or theft.

This post is the third (and last) part…

This is the second part of a series of three posts. In case you haven’t done it, please read the previous (first) article, where I set the current landscape of interactions and operations for EV (Electric Vehicle) charging between the driver, the MSP (Mobility Service Provider), the CPO (Charge Point Operator) and a monthly billing settlement process as a necessary solution to a post-payment scenario.

In this second post I will try to deconstruct and reorganize the architecture, from a current centralized topology with some single points of failure and inefficiencies, into a distributed frameworkof autonomous agents orchestrated by the…

In the next upcoming years there’s going to be a collision of trains that will change the habits of commuters, logistics of delivery companies, energy distribution from utilities, payments in public transportation, and many other entities and people everywhere:

Electric vehicles (EV) and decentralization with Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

The impact that this change of paradigm will bring may not be obvious nowadays, but I think it is going to be disruptive in many aspects. …


Those who know us are aware of the transformation that our company MotionWerk is experiencing in terms of business development and technology. After having launched Share&Charge, one of the first production-level (with real users with real money) Blockchain-oriented (running on the public main Ethereum network) mobile apps in the industry along with a successful proof-of-concept campaign with Oslo&Rome we have recently started to pivot our efforts into defining the underlying technology and infrastructure needed towards a fully-decentralized EV (Electric Vehicle) charging network. That is, the new Share&Charge.

In this first article I try to briefly explain some of the reasons…

Hector Garcia

Serial entrepreneur, Python hacker, Crypto enthusiast. Head of Innovation at, co-founder of I am a catalan.

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