A little about me

I guess I should first tell you who I am.

White, male, tall, overweight, broad, brown haired, blued eyed, privileged.

Born in Reading, lived in Nottingham (uni), lived in Brest (uni), lived in New York (work), lived in Whitechapel, lived in Camden, live in Leytonstone.

Readingensian, Londoner, English, British, European. Not a Readingensian, not a Londoner, not English, not British, not European.

Intelligent, thoughtful, grumpy, quiet, caring, distant, shy, arrogant, foolish, lethargic, manic, open-minded, know it all, inaccessible, solitary, observer, loyal, generous, confused.

Sporty but not naturally so, played rugby, play football, run, cycle, swim, gym, watch football, watch rugby, watch cycling, hate cricket.

Read non-fiction, twitter, twitter, twitter.

Numbers, spreadsheets, problems, calculations, challenges, languages.

Politics, morality, people, unfairness, inequality.

Travel, observe, experience, think.

Worked in a supermarket, worked in a pub, worked in silver service, worked in a pub, worked as a summer school teacher, worked in a pub, worked at an Asset Manager, work at an Asset Manager.

Volunteered for a community centre, volunteered for a young person’s charity volunteered for a young person’s charity, fundraised for kids in poverty, fundraised for kids in Ghana, fundraised for cancer research.

Now I am trying to write.

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