Day Three : Andela boot-camp experience.

After noticing that i was lagging behind in my learning schedule, i decided to start the day at 01:00hrs unlike the previous days when i started at 04:00hrs. Determined to complete the day’s assignments, i decided to checkout the qualified challenges and to my shock, only JavaScript was enabled.

It was now time for me to update my JavaScript skills and i knew TutorialPoint was the place to go, by 09:00hrs, i was ready to face the lab challenges, but guess what the python option had just been enabled, so i had to put my newly acquired JS knowledge aside and get back to python. if life wasn't all about learning, i would have so much regretted the time spent learning JS today.

At this moment i had to choose, between starting the programming labs using python or to first read about APIs,which i surely had no idea about. so i chose the labs. looks like they get harder by the day, so after successfully completing one of them, and with our electricity off, i decided to first read about APIs and developing command-line applications.

My battery blacked out shortly after noon. Now that its back, i have decided to first write down my experience before resuming my day’s tasks.

If there are bad days, then today has surely been one of them; but hey, i have to get back to my learning and finish up the day’s tasks.Catch you tomorrow.

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