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I wrote an excellent ( a bit self indulgent I know and I can safely say this because it was never published ) post on medium about “dreaming about thinking” the other day and as I was about to publish it it got deleted. I could just not re write that post because the moment was gone. If I must admit to my self, that was the best piece that I have written in under 20 minutes. So in my panic mode I wrote to medium begging them to help me get the draft back, etc, yet medium could not help me. I had no idea that posts that you write on your mobile device does not sync with the desktop! But I guess it is not the case anymore.

I have been spending a lot of time online shopping , shopping for ideas and thoughts and unsolicited and solicited research/opinions on the movers and shakers of the tech industry and the biggest global media companies and reading all the articles on start ups, and entrepreneurs! I was trying to understand why I was reading so much in this area. The simple answer is that is what I am interested in.

I have been thinking , why do we like the things that we like? where does our passion comes from? How do we like certain things? What are the influencers? inspirations? How does our passion change over time. Twenty years ago I had no idea what i wanted to do. I kinda had an idea, which was to be an academic. Why? because I thought it would be quite exciting and I can be a bit of a nerd! but not your average hard core nerd. So I became one without fully understanding the reason behind it.

I have spent good three years reflecting, and soul searching if you wanna call that, trying to find my purpose, what is my goal, what makes me excited, what is it that I want to do that would satisfy my yearning to make a difference!

After lots of crazy thoughts and ideas, and loops and mishaps and through that journey I have finally understood what is it that excites me.

I want to inspire girls and women all around the world to help them be what ever that they want to be…

The context of this huge mission is a long and an on going journey! Education is one way that I hope to achieve that. Regardless of the context and what I do… I finally have a plan, an execution-able , timely, viable plan!

I shall continue to write this post 5 years later!

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